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A Conversation with Teresa Gitonga of International Tree Foundation 


Spend some time with the inspirational and passionate Teresa Gitonga, Kenya Program Manager for ITF, who is also a dedicated treesister. In this lively conversation Teresa shares:

  • the story of how she came to be working for the Green Belt Movement and Wangari Maathai
  • what a day looks like for a planter at the site TreeSisters funds at Mt Kenya
  • why community-led restoration is so important
  • the amazing link between fuelwood collection and women's participation in community decision-making
  • how the restoration of Mt Kenya is benefitting community, forest, wildlife, rivers and more; and
  • elephants favourite trees!

Published 31 March, 2021

Hosted by Pollyanna Darling

TreeSisters holds a piece of Pollyanna's heart and she has been involved since it was a tiny seed. She volunteered for TreeSisters for 7 years before stepping into the core team. She is committed to playing her part in bringing our beautiful Earth back to thriving. Pollyanna has a project management and systems background, an entrepreneurial spirit, and also spent many years helping women live from their deepest wells of courage and have significant impact on the future of our planet.

Pollyanna is also a mother of four boys, award-winning author, singer, passionate Earthlover, women's empowerment facilitator, and loud laugher.


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