The Map of 5 Choices

Welcome to the Map of 5 Choices, a powerful intuitive tool for rebalancing and restoring your relationship with Life. 


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When we choose awareness, authentic togetherness, nature connection, ecological restoration and full self expression we activate a primal balancing flow of energy within ourselves that we call the Map of 5 Choices. We invite you to explore the map with curiosity and an open heart of what becomes possible when you awaken to your own aliveness.

The Map of Map-of-a-Restorer-Species5 Choices

Do you long to...

Live in a world where humanity cares deeply about nature & places Life at the centre of every decision?

Discover the vital role that women can play when we are powerfully supporting each other?

Explore how nature connectedness can transform your life and leadership?

Inspire a radical responsibility revolution as we all take ownership of the restoration of our forests?

Unleash your creativity as a gift of your love for this world and all future generations?

If any of these questions resonate, then you are in the right place. This page is an invitation to take your place in the movement with us, through a series of invitations that are intended to awaken and inspire you into a deeper and more balanced relationship with Life.

Please note: The Map of 5 Choices and the Inner Journey Map are the intellectual property of TreeSisters. This proprietary information of TreeSisters is a potent consciousness shift tool offered to you as part of the Inner Journey, and whilst we encourage you to use the tools personally, and within your Grove (if this is appropriate to you) we ask that you do not reproduce the materials for use outside of these purposes without our written permission.

Audio Journey

Take a deeper dive into the map with this audio experience...

Taking this journey can change your whole perception of life by linking the feminine principle to both climate change and its healing. It's like sowing a seed into your body and heart that is designed to generate more soul based creativity and feminine wisdom.

You will need 5 cushions laid out in a circle so that when you lie down like a starfish, your hands, feet and head are each on a cushion.



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By tapping into these skills, we can all (re)connect with nature and make the necessary shift to a restorer, not a consumer of our planet's precious materials.