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Australia's Spring Gatherings 

 October 2021 ~ Victoria ~ Sydney ~ South Australia


We are so excited to announce that our Australia Spring Gatherings are happening in October 2021!
Will you join us for one of these nourishing and heart-led gatherings of Earth-centred beings?

This year three gatherings will be taking place, in Victoria, Sydney and South Australia. Each with a unique flavour and focus, guided by the land and the wonderful volunteers who are creating these events. Each gathering is designed to be an exquisite opportunity for treesisters to gather and connect. 

These moments of togetherness will involve all kinds of activities, including:

  • a group sound session
  • singing
  • walks in Nature
  • land care
  • meditation
  • art activities
  • movement

The Spring Gatherings are an opportunity to strengthen the bonds of Earth-centred community, nourish the individual and the whole and deepen connection to the land, through presence and care.

We hope that you can join us!

We have created a range of ticket prices, all of which will enable you to attend and fully participate in the Spring Gatherings. We wanted to ensure that ticket price was not a barrier for anyone who wanted to connect with the treesisters community. All proceeds of these events will go towards the running costs of these gatherings and planting trees in the tropics with TreeSisters. If you are able to pay more, then more trees will be gifts to our Earth. 

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South Australia Spring Gathering

Join Caroline and Anne for this gathering at Black Hill, South Australia (an hour and a half from Adelaide).

Sunday 3rd of October 2021

“We will be meeting on the lands of the Nganguraku people. Connecting with earth through hands-on participation on a restoration project and meditation.”
~ Caroline, South Australia Spring Gathering Cohost

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Sydney Spring Gathering

Unfortunately this gathering has been postponed until next year.

"I so adore the times that we get to spend together as TreeSisters, every gathering creates a special energy, as we move, share and create together. And surrounded by Grandmother trees too! I can't wait."
~ Jaime, Sydney Spring Gathering Cohost

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Victoria Spring Gathering

This gathering has now moved online. Join Ursula and Paula for this gentle and nourishing zoom call of connection.

Sunday 31st of October 2021

“I love being a volunteer for Spring Gathering because it brings our amazing, passionate  local TreeSisters together to share our hope and ideas for healing ourselves and our home.”
~ Paula, Victoria Spring Gathering Cohost

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