The Beyond Limitless Series

Part of TreeSisters Full Moon Meditations

"This meditation opened and expanded my understanding of how the elements transform and hold each other as they interconnect, flow, transform, carry, absorb, release and give life in their endless timeless cycling." ~ Sharry

Becoming Limitless ~ The introduction call to Beyond Limitless

A limited series of calls that ran from September 2020 to January 2021, that you can listen to at any time. ‘Becoming Limitless’ is a five part elemental series of moon meditations exploring our intimate inner relationship with the living intelligence of Earth, Air, Fire and Water within us, with a bonus integration call. It is an invitation to move beyond what it means to be human, and to enter into the realms of what it means to be part of Nature. Natural. Elemental. Vibrantly alive and connected to all that is.

The purpose of these calls is to expand our perception of what it means to be human as a source of strength, inspiration, comfort, guidance and clear knowing. You can learn more about the series by listening to the beginning of the first meditation that introduced the series.

This guided journey opens up the cosmos within, as a source of pleasure and flow and provides context for the elemental journey ahead...


Beyond Limitless ~ Earth

This full moon, we embody the element of Earth - adamant as the mountains and the rocks that structure our world, sensual as the green beings that drink sunlight and dance with the wind, magnificent as the vastness of Gaia, who births and breathes everything into manifestation. We are that. It is all inside us. We can access it, embody it, relax into it and allow ourselves to be informed, nourished and expanded through it.

The focus here is on expansion through relaxation and allowing. No push. No trying. Simply a luxurious unwinding and dissolving of our edges, into a sensual listening and imbibing of Nature's subtle flows.

Come and let go into a potent experience of virtual togetherness, a gently guided meditative process and an exploration of the more that we all are.


Beyond Limitless ~ Air

This full moon we embody the element of air - fey and fluid, sensual and total, wild and free, transmitting, carrying, sharing and expressing without holding back. These are primal invitations that can pull us into our own wild freedom and lofty, winged perspectives. The focus of this gathering is on listening and freedom, boundlessness and edgelessness, allowing and revealing. This is light, but it is also strong.


Beyond Limitless ~ Fire

This full moon we open into an embodied dance with the element of fire - passionate and dangerous, undeniable and alchemical, cleansing and transformational. This is a force of elemental potency and totalness That invites us to let go completely, to give up what is no longer needed, to transform through fire and allow the Phoenix of the new to arise out of the ashes of the old.

This is both pleasure and daring. The wild and uncontrolled force that would roar its truth through our souls and burn away all that stands in the way of our most authentic selves.


Beyond Limitless ~ Water

This full moon we flow with the element of Water; opening into our sensate and feeling awareness, tapping the pulse of our sensuality and inviting the experience of soul hydration.

We are river and rain, ocean and cloud, formless, receptive, nourishing and fertile. This is the dance of allowing that can teach us so much about surrender and becoming.


Beyond Limitless ~ Integration and Reveal

It's a completion of an elemental series of embodied journeys that have deepened our relationship with cosmos, earth, air, fire and water as aspects of ourselves with vast potential for intimacy and intelligence. It's a deep drop into all the elements as a way of integrating and balancing our relationship with them in our bodies and our awareness.

And, amidst that balancing, we're also starting what we call the 'Inner Journey' -a fundamental TreeSisters teaching and invitation that takes you through the five steps of Reveal, Embrace, Embody, Activate and Shine - to complete in the sixth step of Belonging. This is a really powerful system of personal transformation. Really strong. Perfect for the new year.


Photo by Joan Hill

About Your Facilitator Clare Dubois

Clare worked as an intuitive, a coach and energy healer for 25 years before founding TreeSisters. Her deepest passion is the emergence of authentic humanity through reconnection to Nature, and transformational experiences that get us out of our own way.

She is experimental in her offerings, body and sensation based and works from a deep personal understanding of inner alchemy.  Clare has shown for over a decade now, that virtual experiences can be as powerful and healing as in-person events. The feedback from these calls is always potent and illuminating. 

Meet Clare in this interview.