2015 Spring Equinox ~ Summer Solstice Accomplishments

Response-abilityThe Journey from the Spring Equinox to the Summer Solstice

TreeSisters is dedicated to finding ways of operating according to living systems models. One of those is our Organizational Seasonal Flow which follows the wisdom of the seasons in the ways and kinds of activities we engage through the course of the year. The time between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice began with a period of seeding and planning and watering our projects and relationships. As the season progressed we paid attention to what began to come above ground and we consciously began pollinating, engaging, and activating the year’s major activities. 


Our Reforestation Work

While almost every treesister would say she is passionate about trees, we find that many within our network do not yet clearly understand what we are doing in our reforestation work. In February we hosted a three-part series of blog posts that focused on sharing our reforestation strategy with the entire network. You can learn about our reforestation strategy here, which explores why we have chosen the Tropics as our focus, how we intend to approach such an audacious goal, and our strategy. 


Earth Day Tree Campaign

This Earth Day we launched the second in a series of mini-tree campaigns that are designed to channel our networks’ financial gifts directly to the trees. 1,213 trees were funded immediately – and 23 will be funded every month going forwards from now on. 


AwarenessThe Nature of Woman: A Year-Long Journey with TreeSisters

Image credit right: Debra Bernier

As many of you know, this year we created a new business model with the intention of offering on-line courses as the means by which to raise the organization’s operation costs. Our on-line courses this year are designed to take you on a progressive journey into the heart of life where you will encounter your own wild soul, plug into Nature as your life coach, create deep sisterhood, and reconnect to the core of Nature embodied within you as a woman. The courses follow a seasonal journey and can be taken individually, yet when taken together they synergize and alchemize powerfully with one another.

We launched three courses during this season: Reinstating the Feminine Donor On-line Retreat: On April 12th Clare presented our first on-line retreat for our donors. 193 people registered for the call. 60 people attended the live call. £936 was raised and over 900 trees will be planted. 


The Nature Process ~ Tabitha Jayne

In April we launched the marketing and social media campaign for our second on-line course The Nature Process with Tabitha Jayne. Tabitha designated 100% of the profits to TreeSisters. The course ran in May – June and because 20% of our course profits goes directly to the trees, this means that 2140 trees were funded. 


Courage-new-newA Wild Soul Woman ~ Mary Reynolds Thompson

Image credit left: Flora Aube

On June 14th we collaborated with author and facilitator, Mary Reynolds Thompson, and offered a free on-line event for A Wild Soul Woman. Almost 800 women registered for this on-line event. Mary would like 70% of the profits of the full length course to go to TreeSisters. 20% of the profits will go directly to tree planting.

To learn about Mary's course, please visit: www.awildsoulwoman.org


TreeSisters Presents at 2015 Bioneers Conference

Clare has been invited by Nina Simons of Bioneers to present at the 2015 conference in October. Clare will be presenting two workshops, one of them with Bioneers Co-Founder Nina Simons and her colleague Nikki Silvestri. 


TreeSisters Interviews treesisters around the Globe

TreeSisters engaged award winning author and consultant, Catriona MacGregor, to host a series of interviews with treesisters around the globe. The process she used is called the Appreciative Inquiry Process and our goal was to ask a series of questions about TreeSisters in order to learn directly from our network what we’re doing right, what we could do even better, how they have experienced themselves as part of this sisterhood, and what our future could look like if we all take ownership of TreeSisters. In April and May key TreeSisters stakeholders were interviewed and Catriona created a report of her findings which we will be sharing with the network in a blog post. 


TogethernessStreams of Living Sisterhood ~ Partnership Affiliate Program

Image credit right: Claudia Tremblay

Sisterhood is at the core of TreeSisters and nurturing win/win/win partnerships is at the heart of our network. This season we catalyzed the TreeSisters’ Partnership Affiliate Program that offers multiple benefits to organizations, programs, and authors who would like to financially support TreeSisters through their work. The benefits include coaching, social media promotion, endorsements, and program collaboration. Each new potential partner goes through a vetting process with us before agreements are made. The goal of the Streams of Living Sisterhood is to call forth the gifts of our network and to showcase them while also creating a passive stream of income that directly supports the TreeSisters mission. There are also many individual women who are stepping forward with their gifts – like Ursula in Australia - and we will be highlighting them through our blog. Two examples of our new collaborations include:

Tree-Pose ~ Clare Waldron

Clare wanted to do a project entitled Tree-Pose and approached TreeSisters wanting a portion of the proceeds to be donated to us. We posted a guest blog post about her project here.

The Spirited Woman Foundation ~ Nancy Mills

Nancy approached TreeSisters wanting to contribute profits from the 2015 Spirited Woman Prayer Scarf. Edveeje and Nany worked with Sophie (our Social Media Queen) to create a campaign for the Sisterhood of the Sacred Scarves. To learn more about it, you can go here to read the blog.


Mabel-treesisterGuest Blogging Invitation

We are passionate about hearing from our network and creating a space in which we can hear from one another. So we have opened up the TreeSisters blog to a series of guest blogs. This season we launched our ‘TreeBrothers’ Guest Blog Series with a guest post by author Giles Hutchins. The “TreeBrothers Series” is an invitation to the brotherhood to join our collective conversation on behalf of the well-developed masculine. Giles Hutchins, author of The Nature of Business as well as The Illusion of Separation posted here. We also invited treesisters to submit guest posts about our collective passion for trees. This series is called ‘Talking to Trees’ and was launched by treesister and blogger Jane Brunette. You can read her guest blog herehere. We will be posting more as the new season unfolds.


New York City TreeSisters Fundraiser

As the second step in activating our new business model and fundraising strategy, Clare hosted a workshop event and fundraiser in New York City in mid-June with the incredible support of two of our Roots, Janice and Polly. The event has initially raised over $6,000 per year for the next three years, with more donations still coming in. It was an opportunity for women to experience the transformative power of The Map of Five Choices and understand how it underpins the TreeSisters cosmology and our way of working both as a team and as an organisation. Clare will write a blog post about this in the near future and we will include a link to it in our next monthly mailout.


An Invitation to Join Us

As you can see we have been diligently planting and tending our fields this spring with an eye toward a very active and bountiful summer. If you want to continue taking the journey with us as things unfold be sure to subscribe to our blog where we post regularly about the unfurling of 2015 as we live it day by day.