Earth Day = Tree Day

Women are wild, powerful forces of nature.
But how many of us have become tidy, contained,
acceptable versions of ourselves
when raging rivers run beneath the surface?

We need those rivers,
let loose in creative expression and audacious action.
Freed up and bonded together
we could move mountains.
What could be more needed
than millions of heart centered women
offering their gifts in service
to the one who Mothers us all?
~ Clare Dakin

As we enter spring, we are focused on planting the seeds that will grow TreeSisters to the kind of scale required to bring balance back to our planet and to shift the collective consciousness.

We recognize the audacity and grandeur of our vision and that it will take all of us to achieve our mission. When we all join hands with a shared vision, anything and everything becomes possible.

To read more about our adventures this winter, please explore Edveeje's Solstice to Equinox update. And to find out more about our 'Plant Your Own Forest on Earth Day' Campaign, please scroll down below...


New Website ~ We Launch in September!

Thanks to the 1425 fabulous backers of our Grow TreeSisters crowd-funding campaign we are well into the creation of our new state-of-the-art online platform.

It's time to to activate our existing network and call in millions of new treesisters to take shared ownership of our mission. Our new, interactive community platform will be thecrucial beating heart of this global network.

We have gathered a world class team of designers and developers including Tomi Lahdesmaki, a Creative Director at the award-winning agency Code and Theory and Katie Freathy, a talented freelancer who has designed for Facebook, Unilever and Orange to create a beautiful site that will truly catalyze the growth of this movement.



Celebrating the 92,460 Trees you have funded

Thanks to all of the women who joined us for our most recent online course, Woman Embracing the Wild, we have been able to fund 31,191 new Mangrove trees in Madagascar.

You can read more about the work of our fabulous Madagascan tree-planting partners, Eden Reforestation here.

We offer our seasonal courses as experimental gateways to support us to break through our walls and allow nature to come tumbling in to re-wild us. The fact that we are also able to re-robe the planet in green, whilst giving these gifts ourselves is such a great joy.


Earth Day: Plant Your Own Forest

This year, the Earth Day theme is Trees for the Earth. We will celebrate with a Plant Your Own Forest campaign, with a vision to invite 100 women to each give $10 a month or more to plant their own forest of approximately 950 Mangrove trees (or many more) in Madagascar over this next, and subsequent years.

We would love your support to promote this campaign. Please visit our facebook page on Earth Day (Friday 22nd April), invite your friends to the Plant Your Own Forest event and share our posts.

If you'd like to register to plant your forest today, please email and she will send you all the details on the day.


Full Moon Online Retreat ~ Embodying Nature

This Spring, Clare is offering a new series of free full moon calls to support the collective re-wilding journey that is the fundamental invitation of TreeSisters.

On Monday April 25th, she will guide us into our limitless in Embodying Sky. Women are sky. Beyond the material realms we are woven into the cosmos, wired to receive and transmit the intelligence of creation, capable of expanding into limitlessness and surrendering to all that is.

This call is an exploration of our willingness to expand into the subtle dimensions of ourselves as women - to feel for our edges and softly blur them - to move beyond our know experience of reality into an active invitation to the more that is the vast multi dimensionality of life.

(In February Clare invited us to explore our relationship with our sensuality in 'Embodying River' and last month we journeyed into our grounded power in 'Embodying Earth'.)

When: Monday 25th April
11am PST / 2pm EST / 7pm UK
You can find out more and invite your sisters here

To register, click the button below



New Moon Online Retreat

When A Woman’s Desire Sprouts Above Ground. On Wednesday 4th May Edveeje will continue her free Spring New Moon Series with When A Woman’s Desire Sprouts Above Ground. Do you long to be part of an epic story and to experience yourself as the heroine of your own life? Do you long for an adventure alluring enough to capture your entire heart, mind, body, and soul?

The Heroine’s Way is a uniquely feminine and nature-based journey into the heart of our longing and desire as women.In this call we will explore the ways in which we can tend our soul’s summons and cultivate our deepest desires through the nature-based practice of sense navigation. We will compost the soil of our lives in such a way that we deepen our connection to joy and enable our souls’ desires to guide our life decisions.(In April Edveeje introduced The Heroine’s Way in When A Woman's Sap Rises. In June we will turn our attention toward the burgeoning wisdom of summer and the beauty of our unfurling authentic selves.)


When: Wednesday 4th May
11am PST / 2pm EST / 7pm UK
You can find out more and invite your sisters here

To register, click the button below




Cultivating Women’s Leadership ~ Bioneers Crowd-Funding Campaign

We invite you to join us in supporting low-income women attend an incredible week-long leadership training to strengthen their work as change-makers in their communities for social and environmental justice. Help a sister out!

Art: Flora Aube