7 Earth-Friendly Household Arts to Revive

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When I spend time with my grandmother, I am always struck by just how much has changed since she was my age. Growing up as a millennial in this rapid age of technology, I have always taken conveniences for granted, and been of a mentality faster is better. But sometimes, in conversation with my grandmother, or the quiet moments of my day when time seems to slow and my mind becomes quiet, I long for a different pace of life, which is not marked by how much can get done but how much can be savoured.

I think that much has been lost by replacing traditional household crafts with the convenience of modern life. There is much to learn from the older generations, who still remember this way of living that was slower, using more of our own energy and less of the earth's supply. Here are a few household arts that are earth-friendly, fun, and (mostly) free that I would love to see revived:

If you have other suggestions for other earth-friendly household arts you would like to see revived, please comment in the box at the bottom of the page!

By Kenya Ference

Kenya with her cameraKenya Ference: Kenya has a background in filmmaking with a wide variety of experience with online content and marketing systems. Kenya graduated from the Met Film School in London and went on to co-found a video production company in Boulder, Colorado. Serving as Siren Vid's creative director, she focused her talents on telling the stories of local brands, non profits and initiatives supporting both women and the environment.

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