A Community Screening of Call of the Forest - A Story To Get You Started …

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First the background... Call of the Forest is a stunning documentary film that features the work of Irish-Canadian scientist, author and botanist, Diana Beresford-Kroeger. It blends contemporary science with Diana's unique perspective and love for the forests of the world. It's also a film that changes hearts. After seeing this film, you will never look at trees the same way again!

Screening Call of the Forest for your community as a fundraiser for TreeSisters is:


Now for a story ...

On September 29th 2018 a small group of Palmwoods (Queensland, Australia) folk got together to screen Call of the Forest for our community. We did this both to raise funds for the trees (via TreeSisters) and to bring the community together with an invitation to step more deeply into caretaking our local environs and what remains of our green corridors.

We hired our local hall at a discounted rate (as it was a fundraising venture), had a few meetings to discuss the flow of the day and got stuck into organising.


Pollyanna and Mel 2


We decided to:


Here's what we learned ...

We had the most beautiful afternoon. 57 people attended the screening and bought lots of cake and chai! Before we began, we spoke about TreeSisters and our intention for the screening. We also put a sticky note on each chair. At the end of the film, we asked everyone to think about what actions they would commit to taking as a result of what they learned in the film, and to write those on the sticky note. We had some moving and inspiring responses. Everything from planting more trees, to getting out and public speaking about the importance of our forests.




It was also really lovely and very heartening to meet so many caring community members who were willing and ready to take what they'd learned from the film out into their wider networks. This film creates ripples of wisdom!


Things you will need to think about:

There are some excellent resources on the Call of the Forest website here. You can get really creative with this event, or you can just screen the film. It's totally up to you and the resources you have at hand.

If you have any further questions, please contact Pollyanna:
Pollyanna at treesisters.org

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