ASOMI ~ Indigenous Wisdom for the Earth

This month we are joined by the women of the Asociación de Mujeres Indígenas de la Medicina Tradicional “La Chagra de la Vida” (ASOMI), a grassroots organisation made up of five indigenous ethnic groups located in Putumayo, Columbia. We are releasing this special edition of Indigenous Wisdom for the Earth in three 30 minute videos, to give the time and space to absorb these sharings fully.

The ASOMI promote the recovery of indigenous women's cultural identity, knowledge and traditional practices. They came to be following concern that their communities were at risk of disappearing due to violence in their territories and environmental degradation. Motivated by their elders, they created ASOMI.

The women speak of the importance of sharing the Grandmothers' wisdom, the critical part young people play, how women become defenders in their communities and how each of us has a role in the survival of the planet.These captioned videos will include both the English translation and the women's Ecuadorian Spanish, making this series available to both English and Spanish speaking communities.

We have divided a longer session into three 30 minute parts so you can fully watch and really listen deeply to their messages. 

You can also visit their website at: Asociación de Mujeres Indigenas de la Medicina Tradicional – La Chagra de la Vida (

On Socal Media find them at: Facebook: Asomi Chagra de la Vida,
Instagram: asomi_la_chagra_de_la_vida

If you are looking to work with the ASOMI women to support their work please email and we can share an email for you to reach them.