Buena Semilla (Good Seed)~ Indigenous Wisdom for the Earth

On our Indigenous Wisdom for the Earth series in June, Terra Canova is speaking to Anne Marie Chomat, the leader of a small grassroots organisation in Guatemala, called Buena Semilla (Good Seed), holding at its heart the collective empowerment of women and girls living in marginalised, indigenous communities of the global South. Buena Semilla co-creates safe spaces for women to come together and empower one another, becoming agents of change in their lives, families and communities. This is accomplished through Women's Circles, and mentoring local women to rise up as leaders of Women's Circles and beyond.

The stories she shares about how her research to help 'stunting' evolved into these amazing circles that continue to grow and change lives will inspire you. We do also need to offer a trigger warning about violence against women, including loss of life, which is discussed as it is a very common issue in Guatemala.

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Content warning: the following video conversation contains some content that some readers may find upsetting