Catching Up with our 2021 Guests~ Indigenous Wisdom for the Earth

Over the years we have had so many wonderful guests on our Indigenous Wisdom For the Earth series. It has been such an honour to host everyone who has shared their insights and wisdom with us and it is with genuine delight that this month we were able to catch up with a few of them to see how they are and how things have changed.

We have updates from last year’s guests including Grandmother Flordemayo of The Path, Nic Salazzar of Guardians Worldwide, an update from British Columbia from the Mamas Movement, a check in from Dr. Anne Chomat in Guatemala, and news from Chantal de Wainer on the EcoPower project.

We also have video updates, one from Sister Zeph’s school in Pakistan, Castor trees from Ecopower and one from Hands of the Little who tell us about an exciting new bee keeping project for the Pygmy tribe in Africa.

There are always ways you can get involved in all our guests' work. We hope you will be inspired and discover which guests you most resonate with.