Circles Within Circles

Snail 1000 Janet Pancho Gupta 1I fell in love with the circle in the 1970's through Sufi Dancing. Then, learning about the Native American cultures and the tipi, the season of the year, my appreciation for the circle grew. Growing up as I did in this age, with the politics and the women's movement, my youthful blood flowed toward the Divine Feminine. I have now led and facilitated women's spiritual circles with joy and humility for 4 decades. I love to host ceremony to honor the sacredness of everyday. My life is in service to Love. Community, family, and friends are my devotion.

I love to invite the Spirit of Guidance (through each of our experiences) to visit & inspire us in the creative exploration of this life mystery. My home is on a community I assisted in creating, and my friendships with the women here have taught me many lessons of ego, forgiveness, trust, and of course, love and appreciation. This poem is an expression of these lessons learned:

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Life makes.
Circles, Spirals, THE Center, Peripheries....
shapes and places
movement and stillness.

We come together.
witness, worship, celebrate, support, receive, give.

Can you enter a sacred space?
Can you BE a sacred space?

Thinking about SISTERHOOD now

In the abstract~~
The feminine
the Mysterious Unknown.

Take your seat with me in this Circle. We are all equidistant from the Center. The CENTER~What is this Mysterious spot? Magic, Mystery, an Intention, a Prayer, objects, symbols. What do you want or need to put in the center?

ana castilho4

Your presence
Your voice

We are women.
Can we hold our unique space, honor our Self as the Center of our Uni~Verse?
See each other sitting in this equidistant spot as Her own center.
Can we make space for trust and appreciation and witnessing
Allowing our self.

By Sara Steffey McQueen

Lead photo by Janet Pancho Gupta
Mandala by Ana Castilho

Sara Steffey bio picSara Steffey McQueen is from the heartland of the U.S.A. living in the woods of southern Indiana. She personifies the Heart in TreeSister's Heartwood Volunteer Team. Working on the Facebook and social media team Sara says, "I have felt totally embraced by TreeSisters as a volunteer team member, and am constantly enriched by these authentic and caring women who have taught me directly so much about feminine leadership and Nature's Spirit. It is a joy to give and be a part of this global gift to the world.


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