Climate Change World Events September 2019


September is going to be a huge month for the climate. On September 20, Fridays For Future, inspired by Greta Thunburg's protesting the lack of government action on climate, is mobilising the largest global climate strike ever. That day, people will walk out of schools, homes and work to demand that governments act in line with climate justice and climate science.

The strikes fall three days ahead of the United Nations Climate Action Summit, where UN Secretary-General António Guterres has invited leaders from governments, business, and civil society to bring concrete solutions for raising the level of climate ambition in the near- and long-term in accordance with the goal of achieving net zero emissions by mid-century. Listening to the Earth and Nature4Climate are holding a guided meditation before the summit begins at 9:30 am EST broadcast live from New York City.

The Secretary-General has prioritized six action portfolios with high potential to lower greenhouse gas emissions and increase adaptation and resilience--one of which is Nature-Based Solutions.

At TreeSisters, we have submitted a proposal for seeding Year of The Tree in 2020 to raise awareness and bring other NGOs on board with a grassroots effort to shift our relationship with trees culminating in the Age of Restoration. Our submission on behalf of this collaborative effort can be found at:

The week ends with a second day of global climate strikes on September 27.

Here is a list of upcoming events.

Global Climate Strikes
20-27 September

Youth Climate Action Summit
21 September

Nature4Climate Events
22-25 September

UN Climate Action Summit
23 September

Listening to the Earth
23 September

Climate Week NYC
23-29 September

By Rebecca Lefton

Photograph by Bob Blobyc

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