Communicating with Trees


Sep 29, 2016

A Guest Blog from Emma Farrell of Plant Consciousness

The concept of plant consciousness, that plants have the awareness to make decisions and communicate with each other, is fast gaining ground in the scientific world.

Thanks to researchers such as Suzanne Simard and Dr Philip Callahan, the intelligent communication between plants, trees and humans is a new frontier of exploration in the Western world. The belief that spirit moves through everything, whether plant, rock or river, (Animism) is perhaps one of the oldest beliefs known to man so rather than it being 'new' to our modern era we are in fact just remembering ancient wisdom that we have known before.

Having been working with trees and plants myself on an esoteric level for several years now, I have had many healings, teachings and communications with our woody friends that up until very recently would have been scoffed at in the mainstream. But direct experience has taught me that, even though quite different to our own, plants and trees have a level of consciousness that we can interact with.

We are all familiar with the vibrational states that our brains operate at, namely Beta (approx. 18-36 Htz), Alpha (approx. 18-7.5 Htz), Theta (7.5-3.25 Htz) and Delta (less than 3.25 Htz). Beta being our conceptual thinking mind and Alpha a slower more meditative state of mind, down to Delta which is deep sleep. These levels of frequency are measured in Hertz or cycles per second and are a standard measurement. Perhaps you have heard of the Schumann Resonance, the frequency of the Earth's vibration.

Researcher, Dr Philip Callahan, measured the frequency of the vibrational state of trees by placing a low frequency measuring coil around them. He discovered that tree consciousness operates up to 24 Htz, meaning that it falls within the range of human consciousness. And indeed when he measured a human sending unconditional love to the tree he discovered that the consciousness of both human and tree phase-entrained (meaning a connection was taking place). This experiment along with all the research being done at Damanhur University in Italy and at the University of Florence, is showing on a conventional and scientific level that we can communicate with trees.

The consciousness of a tree and that of a human are quite different on one level yet exactly the same on another. As humans, we tend to focus most of our energy and consciousness towards what we see with our eyes and what we say to communicate. A tree sees everything in it's environment as a gestalt, one snap-shot of everything each moment. It is more equanimous with it's awareness of light, temperature, water, humidity, soil qualities, air qualities etc.

Just as the plant or tree exists on the physical level it also exists on a vibrational level also, living at a certain frequency which contains within it a plethora of inner vibrations. You can work with flower, plant and tree essences or diet with plants and trees to understand their beneficial vibrations.

On a Hawthorn initiation with my teacher, plant spirit healer, Pam Montgomery, we fasted for 3 days and consumed only a Hawthorn elixir several times per day. This process of dieting with a tree puts you into a slightly altered state of consciousness, more open and able to communicate with it's spirit, it's consciousness, it's vital principle. My intention for the initiation was to help me understand my true nature better. During a dismemberment journey the spirit of Hawthorn appeared to me and pushed a long etheric thorn through my temples and behind my eyes, saying 'Now You Can See'! It was quite a harsh teaching yet profound and delivered from a consciousness seemingly way bigger than my own, one that does not have the same deluded sense of self that we humans do. And certainly one that already knows it's own true nature!

The teachings or blessings that we receive from trees are always what we need at that point in time and delivered in such a way that we can understand, yet always within a multi-dimensional framework, enabling us to expand our consciousness through the interaction. It is a beautiful experience to communicate with a tree but also very easy, we just have to sink into our heart, clear our mind and ask!

Written by Emma Farrell, Co-Founder Plant Consciousness.

The Plant Consciousness event will be taking place on the 1st and 2nd October at Regent's University in the sunning Regent's Park, London. Featuring the Yew Shaman from the US, Michael Dunning!

By Emma Farrell


Photography: Janek Sedlar


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