EcoPower International Initiative ~ Indigenous Wisdom for the Earth

This month meet Chantal and Jessie de Wainer of Ecopower International Initiative,  an organisation that works to provide clean renewable power to every indigenous family inside the Bosawas Biosphere, which in turn helps reduce the destruction of their forests by eliminating the use of forest timbers for firewood.

They believe that the people of the Bosawas Biosphere can gain independence and freedom through reforestation and their method is unique. Many of the hills in the area have been clear cut,the soil can become infertile very quickly, and water levels are decreasing. Ecopower International Initiative plants Castor trees, along with native trees and food crops. Castor trees have very long roots which draw up water and grow quickly, which in turn helps restore the land faster and provides the conditions for other trees and plants to thrive in. The seeds that these Castor trees produce create an oil which is used in everything from soap to biofuel which is a much cheaper and more environmentally friendly product then fossil fuels. All this allows the people to make a living while preserving and restoring what’s left of their rainforests.

Please join us as they share:
~ the biodiversity of the Bosawas Biosphere
~ how the indigenous are expected to guard the last reserve of rainforest yet live in poverty with no access to basic necessities like water and health care
~ deforestation in the reserve and the drivers behind it
~ how Castor trees provide multiple solutions for both restoring the land and lifting the people out of poverty
~ working with the community for their benefit
~ the challenges that have arisen from large corporations seeking the biofuel technology and from the local government seizing the factory to prohibit manufacturing of a cleaner and cheaper fuel

To learn more please  visit their website at: Ecopower Initiative LLC 
If you would like to learn more about Castor oil and the process please visit:

To sign their petition please click here and help them get thier first factory back. 

For a better understanding of their mission please watch this 3 minute video: