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Embody Nature

Welcome March! This month, we take you on a journey to our planting partners in India, WeForest, and their incredible work that is saving the cloud forest there. We welcome the opportunity to gather in circle, creating resilience together in community. We are also celebrating 60 Sing for the Trees events in 18 countries! If you haven't yet registered or or set up your event, we invite you to sing with us! Everything you need is in our online community, The Nest here.


As March unfolds in front of us, we invite you to open yourself to wisdom, knowing and connection of nature. We ask you to feel into the world around you and understand how to connect your soul with the happenings of this planet. In this newsletter we bring you events, news and updates which we hope will enable you to dream into what your response is to the changing world and changing climate around us all.


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Saving India's Cloud Forest

A closer look at our Khasi Hills, India planting project with WeForest.

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Rising from the Dark Moon

Why Gathering in Circle is more important now than ever.





~ Mar 8th and 9th - International Women's Day Campaign, Sing for the Trees
~ March 5th New Moon Groves Call Seeding Our Grove Circles
~ March 6th - Listen to Clare Dubois at the Uncover Your Calling online summit
~ March 14th - Indigenous Wisdom for the Earth ~ Ikiama Nukuri with Robin Fink of the Pachamama Alliance
~ March 20th - March Full Moon Call, Watering the Soul
~ March 1st to the 14th - Clare Dubois speaks as part of Inspiring Women with Soul
~ March 20th to the 29th - Clare Dubois speaks to "Accessing Natural Power a Feminine Path of Replenishment" as part of the Reclaim & Master Your Energy Summit
~ April 6th and 7th - Come and spend time and deepen with Clare Dubois at the Holos Ecopsych Conference

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