Embrace The Wild And Plant Mangroves

A woman who embraces the wild
has recognized that her essential nature
is nature itself and that it is time
to come home to herself.


Spring is infusing TreeSisters with a wave of new energy - there is a lot going on! As our next course takes root within the network we've already raised funds for over 25,000 new Mangrove trees in Madagascar.

We've also just launched our new free Full and New Moon series', where Edveeje is exploring 'The Heroine's Way' and Clare is guiding us to 'Embody Nature'. As part of Clare's commitment to being 'walking permission' for the TreeSisters network she is publicly 'coming undone' today, as well as being featured in a stunning podcast and magazine article. And last but not least, our award-winning web team have begun their design process.


In this newsletter:

Woman Embracing The Wild ~ Online Course
A Feminine Path to Wholeness through the Earth Wisdom of the Four Directions
With Jennifer Menke

Woman Embracing The Wild is the first course that we've offered that is arising from multiple wisdom traditions and will be directly supported by Jennifer's Apache teacher and mentor.For those of you who have listened to our introductory call you'll know that Jennifer has completed over 700 days of solo immersion in nature learning how to receive guidance from the living systems that have billions of years of evolutionary intelligence to impart to us, if only we would open to them.This course is a step by step immersion into nature through the framework of the Four Directions. By participating in Woman Embracing the Wild – you will…

When: Weds 16th March to Weds 13th April
Calls will happen on Weds at: 11am PST / 2pm EST / 7pm UK
(Due to daylight savings time differences between the US and the UK,
the first two calls will happen at 12pm PST / 3pm EST / 7pm UK)

You can join in online or on the phone, from the comfort of your own home.
(We'll send you recordings if you aren't able to join live).



Reforestation Update ~ Embrace the Wild and plant 330 trees!

It is beyond satisfying to know that when women give to themselves by signing up for our online journeys of deepening into nature, they also give directly to the planet.

Mangroves cleanse the oceans and provide nurseries for breeding fish, as well as restoring estuary soils and sequestering carbon. These are powerful gifts that you give to the planet.

For every woman who takes her seat on our upcoming course, Woman Embracing the Wild, we will fund 330 new Mangrove trees. You can find out more and register here.



Women Come Undone ~ A Unique Journey of Un-Doing

One of Clare's core passions in life is what she calls 'walking permission' - when our personal willingness to cross edges and break through comfort zones acts as an invitation for others to do the same.

In the name of this, Clare has stepped into the 'Holy Hot Seat' as part of the amazing Woman Come Undone interview series on Tuesday 15th March. She got up close and personal in a healing session designed to support the undoing of her ego as she seeks to become a more authentic expression of herself.

She has done so alongside a group of pioneering feminine leaders including Tina Malia and Ayla Nereo. We invite you to listen in and take the journey with each women as they drop through the layers that hold us all back....

Full Moon Online Retreat Series ~ Embodying Nature

This Spring, Clare is offering a new series of free full moon calls to support the collective re-wilding journey that is the fundamental invitation of TreeSisters.

Last month she invited us to explore our relationship with our sensuality in 'Embodying River'. This month we will journey into our grounded power in 'Embodying Earth'.

Women are Earth. To experience the fullness of our expression, we must embody the depths of our roots and the immensity of our ground. To be earthed is to be held strongly, is to merge with the strength of the rocks and roots, to know power that provides a sense of belonging so strong that doubts dwindle and insecurities fade away.

This call is an exploration of our willingness to fully embody our strength as women - to feel our commitment to ourselves, our bodies and our lives - to confront our patterns of compromise - to feel for the scale of our innate feminine capacity to receive what we need to be able to fully stand in our power and be true to ourselves.

If you want to know how it feels to ground in the raw essential nature of your own earthiness, then this guided exploration is for you.

(In April we will discover our limitlessness in 'Embodying Sky'.)

When: Thursday 24th March
12pm PST / 3pm EST / 7pm UK
(The US clocks have gone forward before the UK ones this month!)

You can find out more and invite your sisters here
To register, click the button below


New Moon Online Retreat Series ~ The Heroine’s Way

Do you long to be part of an epic story and to experience yourself as the heroine of your own life? Do you long for an adventure alluring enough to capture your entire heart, mind, body, and soul? The Heroine’s Way is a uniquely feminine and nature-based journey into the heart of our longing and desire as women.

On Thursday 7th April Edveeje will begin the Spring New Moon Series with When A Woman’s Sap Rises ~ an introduction to The Heroine’s Way that will guide us into the heart of Spring’s wisdom where we will explore the summons that is at the core of our longing: to be the heroine of an epic story.

We will identify what we need to let go of, explore our deepest longings, and listen for the summons that is calling us forth into our greatest glory on behalf of restoring nature and our authentic selves. We will plant that summons at the center of our soul’s garden.

(In May we will journey deeper into The Heroine’s Way and compost the soil of our livesin such a way that we deepen our connection to joy and enable our souls’ desires to guide our life decisions. And in June we will turn our attention toward the burgeoning wisdom of summer and the beauty of our unfurling authentic selves.)

When: Thursday 7th April
11am PST / 2pm EST / 7pm UK
You can find out more and invite your sisters here
To register, click the button below


And lastly, stunning TreeSister Isabella Lazlo has created a beautiful magazine for awakening women, called She Who Knows. In the Spring addition there is an article by Clare alongside an article by TreeSisters Trustee Nicole Schwab. Not something that happens every day! We recommend subscribing to She Who Knows, here.

Clare also recently participated in an interview called "Rewilding Ourselves and Falling in Love with the Earth". Interviewer Debs Ozarko considered it to be one of Clare's most powerful podcasts and full-on intimate and challenging conversations. (Debs created the series, Unplugged - to spread the word about her brilliant new book Unplug.)


Thank you so much for bringing your unique medicine to this global sisterhood TreeSister. We hope to see you tomorrow, for the beginning of a life-altering journey into awakening the earth intelligence within...