Even a Tree Can Set You Free

Jack 1000sz
What unlocks the door
to your feelings tucked away?
The buried ones.
You know
the ones that
caused so much pain
you didn't know what to do with them
so your body said
"Here, let me take them
for awhile.
You go on about your life
and I'll store them here for you.
But not forever."

What happens when those feelings
that pain
those memories
pile up in
your body
in your uterus
your bones
your heart
your lungs?
Did you know that that's
where your body holds
In the lungs

A healer once told me
I had so much grief
it was buried in my bones.
Maybe it left the comfort
of my lungs and traveled
Too much grief
for them to handle
She placed an acupuncture needle
in my heart center and
a tsunami of tears
rose up and out of me.
gut-wrenching tears
unstoppable tears.
The door unlocked,
grief released,
it felt so good.

What unlocks the door
to your buried emotions?
You never know who
or what
holds the magic key.
You might be surprised.

Jack unlocked
another door
for me.
the giant Spruce tree
with his crooked eyes
and crooked smile
in An Gleann Mor
The Devil's Glen
in Ireland.

I was mindlessly
picking up trash
in the forest
when a silent voice
and a smiling face
beckoned me.
He thanked me for
picking up trash
for caring about
the Earth
and I started to weep.
gut-wrenching tears.
Unstoppable tears
for my own buried pain
and that of Mother Earth
because we're so
deeply connected.

Another door opened.
Thank you, body
for holding this
but I can let it go now.

It was two months ago
that this tree named
made me cry.
Then this morning
my phone buzzes
and it's a text from
my Irish friend, Glenda
who brought me
to An Gleann Mor
to Jack.
She was back there
in the forest
and found him for me
3,000 miles away
and this tree
I named Jack
broke me open again
wide open.
I could barely read the words
Glenda had written to me
through my tears.
gut-wrenching tears
unstoppable tears.
Thank you body,
for whatever you're releasing
it doesn't even matter
what it is.

So, tell me, my friends
Who or what
holds the key
that unlocks
the door to your
tucked away feelings?

To your healing.
Your body might be weary and
ready to let them go.
Everyone needs someone
or something
even a tree
with a key
to set them free.

By Barbara Sinclair

Barbara Sinclair (with Jack!)
is an artist, writer, and holistic health practitioner, with a special focus on Ayurveda. She is hopelessly in love with trees (especially Jack!) and proud to be a TreeSister. Barbara recently became a Water Carrier and donates 11% of the sales of her prints and cards as well as from healing sessions. You can visit her website www.barbarasinclair.com for more information.



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