Global Women’s Climate Justice Day of Action - getting involved

This blog is all about HOW you can take action with us to make a difference for the WECAN (Women's Earth and Climate Action Network) Climate Justice Day of Action on the 29th of September. TreeSisters Team WECAN The TreeSisters team is proudly uploading our pictures to their action portal - will you join us? You can submit a photo/video/statement to the action portal here and then forward it to all your friends! It would be great if you can add the link because they want to show how many networks are involved. Then we're going to figure out what to do next. Women around the world are taking action to show resistance to environmental and social degradation, call for real action from world governments at COP21 climate negotiations, and bring to light the climate harms that our communities are facing and the just solutions that we offer. All info on how to participate is available on the @Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network webpage and we've added much of it here so that you can see what appeals. 

WECAN If you are a tweeter then here are some suggestions to bling about - WECAN are using #ClimateWomenSpeak to tie their stories together across platforms, and are also encouraging the use of #KeepItInTheGround

We need every single one of us to truly seize this moment and bring women’s voices to the forefront of the climate change conversation. wecan 2 Additional Resources