An introduction to out-breath and some simple suggestions for your Grove to try

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For those of you who are familiar with TreeSisters and her teachings you will have heard us talk about the in-breath and the out-breath.

When Clare, our founder, received the original message and invitation to create TreeSisters she was guided that in all of our work, the feminine principles of deep listening and feeling for what is needed had to come first in order that the masculine principles of action could then follow from an embodied and interconnected wisdom that is rooted and resourced in the practice of self care. We have given these two halves of the feminine and masculine the terms in-breath and out-breath respectively

IMG 1245This guidance of in-breath first is at the heart of our Groves Circles. We invite Grove Tenders to step forward and gather women in circle firstly to nourish themselves and each other through deepening their connection with nature. This may be very simple, literally gathering in circle to listen and honour each other, spending time in the trees singing and dancing, sharing a love of crafting together or finding ways to laugh and really enjoy and celebrate life.

Over time as trust builds and women start to feel a sense of replenishment from the sisterhood relationships in their Groves, energy and attention may start to turn towards the outbreath with wondering of how to share this precious energy with the wider world......

It may be very clear from the outset that your Grove has a particular outbreath action that it is drawn to do, but for many Groves the outbreath is a process of discovery.

We'd like to offer you some support along the outbreath journey, both in the form of an experiential process that will help your circle dive into a nature based exploration of what it might like to put it's energies towards; and also some specific outbreath suggestions

The Groves Unfurling Process:
As you feel the energies in your Grove start to rise and turn towards possible outbreath activities it might be helpful to offer a structured process to help your circle consciously explore what they might like to direct their energies towards.

The Unfurling is a three stage process that combines Sistering, Nature-based meditation and journaling. You'll find the practice here and you'll notice that we offer it with specific questions that relate to seasonal flow.

To adapt it to explore potential out-breath you might choose to substitute questions such as:

Some ideas for Grove outbreath:
Sometimes Groves have complete clarity about their outbreath, but at other times some guidance is helpful. As a Grove Tender it may be useful to have some idea of what a Grove outbreath may look like.

Here are some suggestions to get you started.

As always, please come and share your Grove journey with us in the Grove Tender group in the Nest It can be so inspirational for other Groves to hear about the different stages of other circles in our network around the world.

Finally here are a couple of stories of Groves who have taken action out in their local communities. Asa created a beautiful concert incorporating Sistering and Treechild in Canada faciliatated Mandala Dances out in her local woodland celebrating the trees and introducing TreeSisters to more of her local community.