Heal the Healer with Grandmother Sasa


"You can make a difference in this world no matter how hard things have been for you... We have to be more aware, more awake and stand in our truth." ~ Grandmother Sasa

Our honored guest for July is Grandmother Sasa (Swan of the North). She is a Universal Healer who has been working for more than 40 years to teach people to remember, heal, love and bring light to themselves and the world. Her teacher Grandmother Nakai Breen was a Cherokee Medicine Woman and Holy Woman, who brought into the world the Medicine Hoop of Life and gifted that sacred ceremony to her to help others find their path for the universe.

In this call, Grandmother Sasa and I discuss:
~ The prophecy of the Time of Change is now and how we all need to act
~ Remembering and Awakening humanity
~ How the Mountains can help us gain strength and the perspective we need to move forward
~ An invitation to The Rose and The Swan, and the purpose of the Center
~ Taking responsibility for your own healing
~ Choosing unity both at home and in the world


You can listen to the call here:

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To learn more about Grandmother Sasa please visit her site: www.theroseandtheswan.com

Below is an excerpt from the call we hope will inspire you.

May we all take time to treasure the gift of life in every way!

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"To receive you have to open a place in your heart and mind to make that happen." Grandmother Sasa

Terra: Is there something that you would just like to share with our audience, and I guess that's, advice or anything, you really think it's important for the women to know given the state of the planet?

dejan-zakic-VLoU-CbYjis-unsplashGrandmother Sasa: We're the givers of life and under the sacredness of the spiritual laws and protocols, it has been forgotten. We're not going to blame it all on one side, because we had a choice of some things. And by being strong and being... carrying our truth, that doesn't mean we have to mow people over no matter whether it's man, woman or child. We have to have our consciousness come back. As a healer, it's how can we help that person so that they can rise up, stand in their truth, speak in their truth, but be a gentle soul? Not with hostility, and unhealedness. Everybody wants to be right and that isn't even the case. Who is right today? The only one I see right is Creator and the Divine Mother.


And where there's a lot of confusion that has to be cleared out, cleaned out, in every person. It isn't just one, it's all of us that has been affected and been wounded in some way. We can't have a degree of one more one less.

And as a healer, you see pain as pain. And everybody has a different scale of pain and how they see it. When it's really all the same. It hurts, it hurts.


And so my walk would be to tell, not just women, children, men, we have to come together as a family. When we're not sitting at our first altar of life, which is our table, dining room, and sitting here at night and having a meal as a family. What problem is this?


ivan-jevtic-p7mo8-CG5Gs-unsplashI go to many families to look and their table is a workshop of piles of stuff. They haven't used the table. They haven't used their altar, nor have they learned to set that altar up. You know, the one thing... tablecloth, fresh flowers, teaching your children to set a table, teaching your children, each one has a little bit to bring to that table. Sitting down and cooking. And for an hour or an hour and a half, why can't we listen to one another? What makes one more than the other? We're all in this walk in circle together because we've chosen that. Let's sit down and look at it. At the end of the course, what I teach, is they choose a word, each one takes a week, puts it on the refrigerator. And at the end of the week. What is your definition of this word? That's how you begin to speak in a circle. That's how you bring this circle back. And each one has their own thought of what that word means. And it's to listen to that. If we don't start listening, then how are we going to come together?

Terra: That's a very good point. In our own homes, that's the best place to the begin. From the time when I grew up and the time now, a lot of kids are on their electronics or video games or phones or computers. And there's just that loss of family time where you sat down with your entire family and you were there and you were honoring the food that you had and you're communing with each other and that seems to have disappeared, the more we've gone on through the years.


Grandmother Sasa: And it's been a lot of excuses why we don't. Why don't we? We make the time for other things. I see the families putting all their time into sports, do they sit down and have a meal? No. Doesn't everybody count in that family? Not just one that's doing something. We all are there. And I think (where) we're focused is off. And we need to bring our focus back and come to that circle and think about why we have food on the table to nourish us. Why do we have water to groom? You know, what are all those things that we were taught as children? And at my grandmother's house Sunday, the table was set with the finest china they had. We were brought there and received. What happened? We filled it in with other things that are less important that I see. But am I going to speak about it? If someone comes and asks me, I do. And that's important for people to understand, the family has lost its place in this world. And we can make up (excuses), we could justify for everything. But what are we really doing?


Swan photo byDejan Zakic
Rose photo by Ivan Jevtic