Healing the Earth Using our Life Giving Womb Energy

by Liven

May 15, 2016

We recognize there are many women in our sisterhood who have businesses, dreams, and visions that are rooted in the New Story. In this guest blog post, one of our sisters shares a vision she had about the importance of women’s wombs in healing Nature.


Dream message, as gifted to Treechild following the ‘Forest of the Wild Feminine’ Workshop with TreeSisters




Womb-ar Teachings

Being connected, womb to womb, holding hands energetically and sending healing-trusting-love to certain places on the earth, we can use womb-ar for healing. We can use womb-ar for shifting the vibration of a place, for healing a piece of land that has been violated. We use our Womb seed…. womb to womb entering into circle, holding space for healing to occur... through the potency, the power of our life giving energy, focused on a place that has been devastated in nature, even small disturbances to the land need healing, rebalancing, respect. We can create a circle, then a map, then direct energy through womb attunements, opening the sacred healing power of the second chakra for earth's healing. The second chakra has the power to heal the root, the base chakra. For physical healing to occur on the earth herself, it is necessary to activate the womb for transmission of life giving energy to put into motion a Soul-are Lunar Womb-ar like radar, directing that knowing intuitive creative energy towards a place on the earth through a circle, a meditation. This is a way of blessing, using our wombs to bless, to plant life, to inspire life, to encourage growth, to receive from source, to activate change, to accelerate healing. We can use our wombs to open a channel to the creator of all, to share love, realize truth, to direct action, to receive from all that is.


We can open on behalf of a place that requires healing: hold hands in sacred circle, welcome the lunar womb-ar connection, welcome the solar soul-are connection, acknowledge the light, the dark, the changes, the cycles, the death, the compost, the rebirth, the ability to renew, regenerate the earth. The earth knows how to re-balance, she doesn't need us, however, with our help she can do it ever so much faster. With us, she has the ability to transform. When we join together there is a communal transmission, a communal healing... As we heal, we heal the earth, as the earth heals, she heals us, as we receive, we give.  We can create a Womb-ar web: select places on the earth, hold circles of women to heal these sites. It is all becoming clear on the cellular level. Trees are like fallopian tubes, bearing life as long as they live, even after women have released all their eggs, their fallopian tubes remain connected to the heavens. Just as trees are solid, rooted to the earth, through the womb, we are able to continue to give life, bear fruit, accelerate growth... growth of new life as trees do.

Crone-ologically wise women are also able to bear fruit in deeper and deeper ways recognizing the needs of the earth through our intuition, setting intention, welcoming transmission of energy from source... welcoming the womb-being-ness. Womb-being: Centered in the five directional map of five choices that Clare brought to us, receiving/giving in balance, unfolding/allowing healing to occur through the ability to respond.

The Map of 5 Choices2By Treechild



Treechild is currently the land steward for the lands of Honour The Earth in Nova Scotia. She has been creating space for women to connect with the wilderness since 1996. Having healed from Environmental Sensitivities, she has become aware of the healing needs of the planet as they have mirrored her own and hence has made a life commitment to living gently on the earth.  She has been committed to the feminine principal and creating women’s community for decades. She offers healing to the earth and women around the globe, especially those who have been impacted by environmental toxicity and childhood trauma.  Having received the teachings of Reiki in The Usui system in 1982 and become a Reiki Master through the direct lineage, initiated by Phyllis Furumoto in 1985, she teaches Reiki Healing, offers We Are Precious Workshops, and Astrology Readings.

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