Hearing the Call: Six Things You Must Know

Have you heard it? The call to follow your highest path...

That call can feel so mysterious ... It can be veiled and subtle. It may arrive late on a winter evening, when you are staring up at the silvery moon. Just a slight whisper of a feeling. A numinous knowing that you are meant to do something special. It may be revealed in a dream just before dawn, a glimpse of a new future ... And then it fades away to almost nothing, no more than a faint remembrance of sparkling golden threads.

Sometimes the call is bold. It may be an illness that turns your life upside down, an invitation to take a job on the other side of the world, or the realization that you cannot live another day in your current situation.

However the call arrives, there are a few things that you must know.

1. You are not alone. There are so many people all around the world, at this catalyzing time of crumbling societal systems and emerging magic, so many others who like you, are seeking a higher level of awareness, leaving behind what is familiar to them, following their heart & passion, ending old relationships, quitting jobs that are not fulfilling, and stepping out onto a path that they have never walked before.

We don't hear about them, most of the time, because this movement is still quite "underground." You, like those others, are stepping outside of the expectations of mainstream society. You have gathered your courage and embraced your destiny, whatever it may hold. But this is not something that you are shouting from the rooftops. At least, not yet. This is something precious that you are holding close to your heart and only sharing with your friends & family who will understand. Or perhaps, not yet sharing with anyone at all.

There are so many others feeling the same way you are right now. Take heart, for we are finding one another, and as our confidence grows we will join together & support one another more & more. Welcome to the new paradigm!

2. This call is urgent. Mother Earth is not waiting around any longer. All of the animals & plants sense her urgency. There is no time to stall or get lost in indecision. As we see the environmental impact growing every day; the threat of war; the over-reliance on money and power; and the political upheaval in many countries around the world, we know what the Earth knows: Our time is now. We must take decisive action.

And so, whatever it is that you know intuitively that you are called to do, you must take action now.

Lyse Marion - blue3. Whatever you are called to do, it is critically important. If you are called to be a healer, then you are going to be instrumental in helping people remember the resilience & magic of their own bodies to heal; in reducing our dependence on the broken-down healthcare systems that only make us sicker; in reconnecting us with the healing power of plants; and in raising the vibration of the planet through increased health & expanded consciousness of all those who your work touches.

If you are called to be an artist or creative, then you are here to remind us of the massive potential of human brilliance to create beauty & inspiration. You are meant to reconnect us with the magic of the different dimensions, realms, and layers of the human experience. You know how to evoke emotions with line and color, how to see into the soul of the living world. You understand the importance of connecting children with art so that their creative expression will blossom & they will know there is magic surrounding all of us at every moment.

If you are called to be a teacher, coach, therapist, or counselor, then you are desperately needed at this time. To help people realize their full potential. To help them discover their true purpose, heal from childhood wounds, enter the mystery of the Dreamtime for answers & guidance. You have been sent here to be a guide and an inspiration to others. When you offer your work from a place of deep intuitive knowing, you are helping others to connect with their intuition as well, so they will be more open to hearing Mother Earth's call and shining their own light for a brighter future.

If you help people to improve their nutrition, fitness, & wellbeing, then you are providing a basis for them to open up to higher levels of truth and understanding. For when we are eating healthy food, and taking good care of our bodies & minds, we have a greater capacity for spiritual growth, consciousness, and enlightenment. You are helping to raise the vibration of the planet through your important work.

If you work with animals, then you are so needed in order to re-establish our connection with our brothers and sisters who have been our companions and soul-mates since the beginning of time. So that we can learn from them, find comfort in their unconditional love, and treat them with respect and caring.

If you work with plants, then you are going to help us open to the new world in which we will seek the plants' intelligence for healing and insights, just as we did in ancient times. When you enter into the intelligence of the plants, you have the capacity to see for yourself, and share with others, the shining spiderwebs of connection between all aspects of creation.

If you are a messenger from the Divine, a channel, a lightworker, a writer, a liaison between worlds: Then your task is absolutely critical. You are here to bridge the gap between worlds and offer people an entry way, a new perspective, a new way of seeing that includes the unseen. Your role is to raise consciousness and help our hearts to beat in tune with a higher vibration, for the increased health & wellbeing of Mother Earth and all beings.

4. Above all else, do not doubt. The new paradigm is based on trust and magic. Always respond.

When you experience synchronicities, do not wave them away. Instead, know that they are guiding you on your perfect path.

When unfortunate events occur, do not throw up your hands in despair. Know that there are no mistakes, and ask what it is that you are meant to learn. Often an unfortunate event is a "redirect now" sign. Sometimes it is meant to shift your entire basis of understanding your life. These times may be very difficult, but try to have patience and see where you are being led.

When you experience Intuition, Imagination, Insight, or Inspiration, pay extra-close attention. However fleeting it may feel, this is the Divine communicating directly with you. Spend time in a dreamlike or meditative state every day. Ask your big questions, and know that you will receive the answers that you need. Set positive intentions for what you deeply desire to create, and know that the resources you need will be sent to you.

5. Know that you are not being selfish in wanting to follow your passion. This is the furthest thing from selfishness. For when you follow your heart & your highest path, you are going to help the world to heal in special & important ways that only YOU can do. To embrace this and to follow it, will lead you to (a) Do the work you love every day; and (b) Provide the highest possible contribution to the world.

It is your sacred responsibility to follow your life's purpose and do what you love. There is a reason you love doing it. It's not a guilty pleasure! You love it because it fulfills your soul's primary purpose for incarnating here on the Earth. It is what you were born for. It is the highest level of service that you can possibly provide. And it will bring you great joy, if you listen carefully and act with integrity and love.

So do not feel guilty for using your time, energy, and resources to bring your new life & your purpose to fruition. Do not feel guilty for leaving old jobs and old relationships that were not serving the highest good. Embrace the new. We are all changing quickly now. Step into the light, speak your truth, and shine your brilliance for all to see.

Lyse Marion 1

6. There is a way forward. If you have been dreaming of a new life that is aligned with your truest purpose, but if you are feeling stuck because you do not know how to break away from the old paradigm and begin living in a new way ... Here is what you need to know.

Money is often the primary factor keeping us stuck. We stay in unfulfilling jobs for way too long, sometimes forever. But money is not a good enough reason to deny the world from experiencing your greatest gifts and talents.

And yet, money is a necessity of our modern world. We need to pay for the basic elements of survival: Shelter, food, clothing. So what can we do? How can we break free?

There is a way.

There is a way for you to take your ideas, your talents, your expertise, and your wisdom; and turn them into a business in which you can do what you love every day AND simultaneously change the world.

And once you are generating your own income, you can let go of that old job. You can stand on your own two feet, not depending on anyone else. You can have the freedom to set your own schedule. You can implement systems in your business to be able to create income whenever you need it.

When we can rise above the survival mentality of scarcity and "never enough," then we have the freedom to operate in full alignment with our highest purpose, and create the most benefit for other people and our world.

The internet, new technology, and online business opportunities, are remaking our entire economic system. This is a time of vast opportunity for conscious entrepreneurs who have been yearning to create the life of their dreams.

You are so needed, right now. So many people all around the world are just waiting for you to step forward and help them, guide them, heal them. You are meant to be a part of the solution, a visionary, a creator of the change we so deeply need. Don't hold back for another day.

By Jocelyn Mercado

Art by Lyse Marion

Jocelyn MercadoJocelyn Mercado is a transformational life and business coach, holistic health consultant, writer, and environmentalist. She is the founder of Sacred Planet, a global community of people who know deeply that we are living in catalyzing times and who seek the collective power inherent in heart-based community to dynamically co-create a brighter tomorrow

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More about Jocelyn

Jocelyn has been a student & practitioner of indigenous wisdom and earth-based spirituality for over 8 years and worked in Finance and Project Management for 15+ years before taking the leap from the corporate world to create Sacred Planet.

Her mission is to guide you in breaking free from everything that holds you back. To awaken your deepest awareness to ways that you can heal yourself, and at the same time, heal the Earth. To reveal to you your unlimited, boundless potential, and guide you in building a new life centered around your heart & soul purpose, so that you can do what you love every day and make a tremendous positive difference for our world.

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