In Conversation with Helene Lindmark ~ Indigenous Wisdom for the Earth

In Conversation with Helene Lindmark

For this month’s Indigenous Wisdom for the Earth series we are travelling to the Sápmi region or “Cap of the North”, the northern parts of Sweden, Russia and Finland. Here, we join  Helene Lindmark, also known as Great-Grandmother "Máttaráhkka", a Wisdomkeeper, Noid and Healer, who walks the Shamanic tradition of her ancestors.

Helene was born on sacred indigenous land and knew as a young child that her connection to the land and nature was very deep. In our conversation, she shares about being in relationship with the land. How it is a part of us and we of it. The land where we come from and the land where we reside. She speaks to the preciousness of this as she struggles with the loss of the sacred North Sápmi lands she once called home.

Helene’s conversation is a touching one that will make you think about the ways the land has shaped you, and deepening your own connection to it. As she heads off to COP27 in Egypt, she hopes to gather with those who know and want to protect and respect the land the way she does her own.