Moving into Right Relations with Mona Polacca


“Women are like a mirror image of Mother Earth. We feel her pain. These heartaches that we feel are part of the compassion that women have, and we need to act on that compassion.” Mona Polacca.

This month, in honor of the new book titled ‘Grandmother’s Wisdom’ written by several of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, we are offering this treasure of a conversation between Mona Polacca who at the time was the youngest of the Grandmothers and Clare Dubois our CEO and Founder.

Mona is one of the featured writers in this new book and the wisdom she shared with Clare when the call was originally recorded is as true and current today as it was then. It’s a wonderful exploration about coming into ‘Right Relationship’ with the planet and with each other.

Moving into Right Relationships with Mona Polacca

We are privileged to share precious time with the youngest of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers as we explore resting back into the truths woven into the tapestry of her bloodline.

~ What does it mean to belong to Earth and to life?
~ How can we return to ourselves having been split so far away by consumer culture?
~ How can we live as a prayer and become the embodiment of reverence so that our existence becomes an act of love and alignment with all that is?


You can listen to the call here:

You can read the full transcript here.


If you are interested in learning more about the brand new book by Mona Pollacca and several of the other 13 Indigenous Grandmothers titled "Grandmothers Wisdom" please visit their site here. 

To read about the activities of the International Council of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers please see their website here.

Bowing to the wisdom of the Grandmothers and the wisdom in all of us,

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“We are the bearers; we are the life-givers and our daughters, granddaughters; they are the ones who are carrying the future generations.” 
~ Mona Polaaca

ivan-jevtic-p7mo8-CG5Gs-unsplashMona: The role of the women is to really find our power and to acknowledge our power as being the…. We are like a mirror image of Mother Earth. We feel her pain. The pains that we feel, the heartaches that we feel are part of the compassion that women have, and to act on that….to act on that compassion. Act on that special relationship of being the feminine—the feminine part. We are a small part of the great universe, and the feminine side of the great universe. We are all a part of it, and to recognize that and to find power in it. That we do not have to be and continue the cycle of destruction that we’ve seen coming from the masculine side. We must acknowledge that we have this compassion to make things right and bring back balance and to speak from that.

We all have… we have our sons, we have the sons; the male side of our being that we can communicate with. And to take that role and begin to communicate and to speak from that relationship. There’s been other indigenous women who have said: if we see how… if we look at all of the violence that’s been perpetrated against women in the world, it’s no wonder then there’s not a second thought given to committing violence and destroying Mother Earth. So, you know, we must bring that back in balance.

I see that there are some interesting things happening where there was this community …..There were these women in a village where they were being very abused and there was a lot of violence towards them. And the women left the village and created their women-only village. You know, sometimes things have to happen like that. And so….It’s just like what Mother Earth is doing now: reacting, and the different things that are happening with the Nature. I’m sure she looks… What’s been said by some elders is that she’s very hurt. And she’s looking at her children and saying: These children, they’re not my children anymore. I don’t recognize them and they are not behaving and treating me the way a child should treat their mother. And She has a mother. Mother Earth has a mother.

But just like any other mother who sees her daughter being abused, she’ll say: “Come home. You don’t need to be there. You don’t need to be in that place where you are being abused and destroyed… being killed. Come home.”

So those are… that’s the thing that happens with mothers with their daughters. And so we’re being faced with these situations. So when the mother sometimes…when the mother gets to the point where she has to get away from her children because they are not worthy of her presence. And so our mother the Earth is shaking… is like getting to the point where she is, kind of saying like, “I can’t take this anymore.”

We have an opportunity. We have an opportunity as human beings…we have an opportunity. We can make some changes; we can wake ourselves; we can be awoken and we can make our changes. I just want to share that one time ….a friend of mine was visiting with me and he said to me: “Do you really think what you do makes a difference?”

dejan-zakic-VLoU-CbYjis-unsplashI smiled and nodded yes and he says “This is what I see. I see this road and in the road, there is a little tiny bump, and the road goes on. Mona, you are that bump. I don’t think that what you are doing is really making that much of a difference.” And I looked at him and I laughed and said, “But I believe it does. And the reason I believe it does is because I know that there are a lot more bumps in the road than just me.”

The TreeSisters is part of that. All of the people who have joined the TreeSisters in these series of teachings and the work on the ground out there in the world, there is a difference that’s being made. It matters…it matters. It matters to, you know, the tiniest little critter out there in the forest or out there on the land, the little fishes that swim in the streams and the creeks and the rivers.

Clare: There’s so many things that you’ve said that I’m sitting with in this moment. You end there with the waters and I… I don’t know how to contain the rage that I feel about fracking. That we are mindlessly using our sacred water, poisoning our sacred water, to force down into the ground to get the natural gas out to destroy our aquifers. I don’t know how much sacred water we’re going to have left the way we’re going.

But what I love is “the bump in the road.” Yeah. Absolutely. Each one of us. I like to think of us, you know, you hit a good bump and you course correct. It can take you off the road. And with enough of us and a big enough bump…. yeah, it’s like you’re not going down that road. You’re going off to the right. We have a massive course correction to make.


Mother and Child photo by Liana Mikah
Bump in the road photo by Gabriel Garcia-Marengo