New Moon, Solstice & the Crone


84076.original-1350Dec 20, 2014

The New Moon summons us to begin a new creative cycle in which we invoke possibility, set new intentions, and implement our course corrections as we head True North. At this time of year, the Winter Solstice occurs within two and a half hours of a New Moon; ushering in a potent time in which to drop deeply into one’s dreams and visions, not just for this month but for the unfolding year.

Three days prior to a solstice or equinox begins a period some call a Holy Interval. It is the sacred time when seasonal energies are overlapping and our spiritual perceptions are keener because the veil between the worlds is thinner. The Holy Interval is a four day period that includes the three days prior and the day of the new season’s advent.

Winter is the time of the deep drop into the Feminine Principle and archetypal energies most conducive to healing, creativity and new birth. Feminine energies are stirred in all of life on the planet as we enter a period of gestation and presencing our potential. Like the New Moon, Winter is a visionary time in which we step back from outer activities in the world and tend the inner plane.

Winter is the womb from which we will birth the coming year and all that we most long to creatively manifest. This is what makes the “holiday madness” so many women experience all the more insidious. At the very time the Universe wants to support our inward journey where we can conceive and gestate our unfolding soul, cultural expectations have most women in the shopping malls, wrapping presents, cleaning bathrooms, and cooking large dinners.

At this time of year if we followed a nature-based rhythm (rather than culture expectations) we would experience the combined visionary wisdom of the New Moon and the gestative power of Winter. I believe it is this combination that embodies the Crone archetypal energy connected with both the New Moon and Winter.

Contrary to popular belief a crone is not a postmenopausal or elderly woman who has sagging breasts and has outlived her gifts and purpose. More than at any other time in history, women are redefining what it is to be a woman in the various phases of life. Women at and over fifty are now a gorgeous force to be reckoned with; earning more than ever, more educated than ever, and poised to inherit a vast portion of the world’s wealth, their opinions matter. Intensely.

Today’s Crones (the younger Baby-Boomers) were yesterday’s Hippies and Flower-children. They held a vision of an entirely different world order; one based in peace, equality, and social justice. In their youth they sensed a rightness to living in alignment with Nature and as equals to the men they loved. Many of them made bold experiments in returning to the land before the word ‘sustainability’ ever came into vogue.

The Crone is the wise-woman who has crossed the developmental threshold that marks her “a woman unto herself.” The Crone dusts the red dirt of the world from her feet and begins her real soul-centric work. The Crone has grown wise and potent enough to chart an inward course that takes her to the center of the world where she finds her authentic self in total communion with Life. She is then able to bring those gifts back and offer them to those around her.

Yesterday’s Hippies and Flower-children are today’s Crones who are poised to bring to fullness and finish the work they began decades ago. Their sheer number, earnings potential, and feminine wisdom is a movement waiting to happen. We recognize and celebrate this in TreeSisters.

As we enter 2015 we are conscious not only of the Feminine Principle, but of the wisdom held en masse by all the bold, beautiful, and savvy girls in The Sixties who have now come of age as crones. It isn’t a moment too soon. Welcome back to a second youth, now rightly understood for the glorious thing it was always meant to be.

~By Edveeje




Edveeje is the Director of Operations for TreeSisters.  She lives off-grid on ten acres of raw mountain land in the Mother Forest of Southern Appalachia where she is passionate about the power of place and how our relationship to Nature can infuse, inspire, and call forth, not only our souls, but our part in the Great Turning.