Nourishing Our Roots

This is a guest blog post by Barbara Hannelore who is hosting a free telesummit called Nourishing the Roots of the Feminine. Recently I felt compelled to gather together some of the women I knew and admired, and host a TeleSummit called Nourishing the Roots of the Feminine. I invited them to share their insights on self-care and self-knowledge, springing from their own specialties, as part of our collective reawakening to our true magnificence and potential! The name for this summit proved to be such an enchanting title, as I continually asked myself, what ARE our roots, exactly, and how do we nourish them? I imagine our roots as connecting us back, not only to our own bodies and to Earth, but also to the generations of our ancestors who once knew and carried this wisdom as a natural part of their lives. There was a time, not so long ago, when our ancestors considered themselves to be part of nature, not separate from it, and could easily appreciate the interconnectedness of everything! This was a time, too, when women were valued for our remarkable cycle of fertility and other special abilities. Our unique gifts were honored, not shamed! During this (lengthy) time in human history, the definition of power was very different, and the power that women held was considered to be central to the health and balance of human communities. Realizing this definition of power was a turning point for me in the elevation of my own sense of self-worth. Women have an awesome generative capacity, for creating living human beings and food for those new beings, right from our bodies! Realizing my own body as a gateway from the un-manifest to the manifest, and the concurrent sense of autonomy that this gave me, was incredibly valuable. I began to know that my ways of knowing, and my ways of being, carried an authority that was far deeper than any of the messages I absorbed from modern culture about myself and my worth. We sense, now, that there is a great reawakening to this definition of power, and that the Feminine reawakens onto the planet through us - through who we believe we are, and what we believe we are capable of! Through our roots - our channels of inner wisdom - I imagine us reconnecting to this greater sense of who we are. As we believe more in ourselves, we will also take better care of ourselves - by taking time for self-care, understanding the sacred value of self-care, and connecting to each other and to our ancestral wisdom. Roots do that! I like to think of the example of trees and how they care for themselves. Most trees have a dormant time of year, or lose their leaves, in winter. They withdraw their energy into their roots, underground, and are not doing much of anything above ground. Does this mean that they are sick, or weak, or lazy? Of course not! It means that they are drawing nourishment and resources to themselves, so that they will have something to give in the coming year. It can be easier to see in trees and harder to see in ourselves, but we have the same needs, the same rhythms, and the same intuition for self-care. Nourish yourself because you are worth it. Nourish the roots of the Feminine within yourself - and YOU know what you need and when you need it! Take care, and many blessings to you, Barbara The TeleSummit, Nourishing the Roots of the Feminine, is happening NOW, from April 6-25, 2015. You may enroll and receive access to all upcoming interviews, and gifts, at unnamedBarbara Hanneloré is author of the book The Moon and You, a Woman’s Guide to an Easier Monthly Cycle, and founder of the Women’s Way Moon Cycles program, sharing a new paradigm of the menstrual cycle for women who want to develop radical new habits of self-care and self-love! Barbara has supported women to re-discover the power of their inner rhythms through the gifts of nature, sacred space and the healing arts for over 20 years. She is certified in Expressive Arts Facilitation, Holistic Wellness Coaching, and Menstrual Matrix Education, and has studied many healing modalities and sacred traditions throughout her life.