Shift from Fear to Courage and Learning to Live Beyond Illusion


birch-569341May 3, 2015

This is the first in our new “TreeBrothers Series” in which we invite the brotherhood into our collective conversation on behalf of the well-developed masculine. This is a guest blog post by Giles Hutchins, author of The Nature of Business as well as The Illusion of Separation.

Clare Dakin and I have been in touch now for a few years and it feels like we are kindred spirits sharing at least two things in common: a deep love of Nature and a passion to catalyze a cultural wake up so that we can live up to our true nature.

Climate change, abuse of the feminine, deforestation, biodiversity loss and widespread disenfranchisement are all symptoms of a deeper underlying cause: a separation sickness which creates deep psychic atrophy. This psychic atrophy causes a warping of consciousness to set in where we get caught up in our own illusion; an illusion of separation that perceives mind as separate from body, and self as separate from Nature. It is what Albert Einstein referred to as an optical delusion of consciousness. It is this delusion which underlies today’s carcinogenic culture.

How often do we sense the sentient sacredness flowing all-around and within us; its awesome beauty, its energetic responsiveness, its empathic receptivity, its enchanting wisdom?

We largely perceive the world through a narrowed-down, de-sacralising lens, and in-so-doing we impoverish our world. What we have here is a chronic attention disorder of epic proportions and its wreaking havoc. Our inner and outer worlds are being polluted at an alarming rate. So often we busy ourselves with patching up symptoms while leaving the underlying cause gapping and so unwittingly apply the same logic that created the problems to our well-intended solutions. We must personally take on-board that it’s our rushing around trying to find substitutes for the real thing which pushing us further away from who we truly are.

Much of today’s daily living denies our soulful somatic embodiment of life’s sacredness. This denial undermines and represses both our masculine and feminine qualities. Yet, it is through a simple (yet not always easy) shift in attention (which is aided through our intention) that we may bring about a re-balancing of our anima (feminine) and animus (masculine) aspects within us. This is a process of learning to love ourselves by embracing the shadow aspects we have fragmented and repressed. It is through this love affair that we begin to rob the illusion of its conscious energy while allowing our truer nature to flow more readily with Nature’s wisdom – Sophia - within and all around us. This is an opening up to the inner planes of our selves, and is guided by our hearts. In sensing the subtle perturbations of the heart, we sense our destiny and we learn how to cross the threshold from ego to soul. We begin to ‘know thy self’ through the power of love. This love affair activates a fresh way of being-doing-becoming; a new way of attending to ourselves, each other and the world, characterized by a shift from fear to courage:

Fear-based attending                                          ~Courage-based attending

Authoritarian                                                                      ~Emancipation

Leader-follower relation                                              ~Co-creative relation

Motivated by power                                                        ~Motivated by love   

 Blame culture                                                             ~Compassionate culture

Risk-averse                                                                           ~Pioneering

   Adversarial                                                                              ~Inspirational

Competitive                                                                            ~Empathic

Command and control                                                      ~Improvisational

Patriarchal                                                                              ~Inclusional

This love-based evolution in consciousness is very real, and we witness it manifesting in organisations and community initiatives throughout the world through the rapid take-up of purpose-based initiatives engendering a culture that transcends the prevalent fear-based paradigm.

This brings me to Tree Sisters and the map (and shadow map) of five choices. When I first came across these maps I strongly resonated with them as they verbalized the emotions I was experiencing on my own journey (and still do experience daily). They help articulate the shift from fear to love as we learn to live more consciously.

Conscious sisters are vitally important for the metamorphosis in our midst, not least because of women’s natural preponderance of yin, soulful, empathic anima and the Sophia this taps into. We also know, only too well, that our culture’s patriarchal abuse of the feminine qualities affects both men and women. The reclaiming of this collective and individual shadow of repressed feminine qualities is foundational to any personal and societal transformation.

Tree Sisters is helping lay these foundations, so we may build on rock rather than sand. And I see trees as a keystone in all this. We now scientifically understand the uprooting that goes on in the macro cycles of water, air and nutrients when forests are destroyed. We are also beginning to re-awaken the ancient knowing that trees have an important psychical part to play in the Dance of life.

At a personal level, trees are my teachers, and I turn daily to trees for my own psychical and spiritual nourishment. The ancient Druids (and other shamanic traditions the world over) knew well that trees are powerful healers for humankind. The help and healing trees provide is needed now more than ever at both outer and inner levels, both physically as a source of nutrient flows, and psychically by aiding the healing of our psychic atrophy. And so to plant trees is to embark on a powerful healing process.

For me, the time has come for true education (from the Greek educere, meaning to bring forth, to transform). True education is about the communal, enlivening, somatic, social and soulful enrichment of ourselves to live a more attuned way of living and loving, through the quality of our attention and intention. Tree Sisters creates the sacred space, encouragement, intimacy and community for this individual and collective educational unfolding to take root. As Clare Dakin says, the time is ripe, the time is now. It’s time to get real and live up to our name of Homo sapiens, wise beings.

~ By Giles Hutchins