Francisco Timias and Kayla Vandervort Shiwar Nation~ Protecting Biodiversity in the Ecuadorian Rainforest~ Indigenous Wisdom for the Earth

This month we have a very rare opportunity to speak to Francisco Timias who is the Director of Territory for the Shiwiar nation. He oversees the protection of virgin rainforest in Ecuador - a place untouched by outside development and host to incredible biodiversity and beauty. Kayla Vandervort is the Project Coordinator for the ACASJAE program which exists to revitalise Shiwiar ancestral gastronomy. Through a combination of natural plant medicines and understanding the nutritional value of the plants around them, the Shiwar tribe is building up resilience to help face the health challenges that are occurring during these times.

Join Francisco and Kayla as they share:

  •  the respect and reverence they give to Nature
  •  what it’s like to live in a small community far away from the city
  •  how the women of the tribe hold a special relationship with the jungle
  •  the food program and how important nutrient rich soil is
  •  instilling a respect for Nature in all children
  •  how indigenous people have been discriminated against
  •  why they want to reach out to those who care about preserving Nature to help protect this area of the Amazon.

This truly is a one of a kind opportunity to hear what it’s like to live in and protect the Amazon. I hope you find the inspiration to apply this same relationship with Nature wherever you live. And please share this call with others! Thank you for helping us get the Shiwiar message out.

Please note: Our guests were calling in from Ecuador. The sound quality cut out from time to time so I have created a larger transcript PDF for reading.

You can read it by clicking here.

To learn more please watch their video below our interview or visit thier website at: