Sisterhood of the Sacred Scarves


Sophie, our Communications Director, wearing her "Angel Wings"

When Nancy from The Spirited Woman Foundation first came to me, she came with her hands outstretched with a gift and a blessing. She told me that she felt inspired to support the work we are doing at TreeSisters by dedicating the next scarf of the Sisterhood of the Sacred Scarves to TreeSisters.

From that first conversation with Nancy I felt TreeSisters being supported by living streams of sisterhood. The symbolism of a sacred scarf worn by sisters around the world brought me to tears because sisterhood is the core of TreeSisters.

I couldn’t help but think of how meaningful it would be for the TreeSisters core team to all receive one as a gift from me symbolizing our deep connection to Spirit and to one another. So I ordered them and when they arrived I added a bar of dark chocolate and a card sharing with each one of them how much they meant to me and the profound beauty I saw in each of them.

Three years ago, Nancy Mills began a special project, The Sisterhood of the Sacred Scarves, with the intent of creating a foundation (The Spirited Woman Foundation) to give back to women. The Spirited Woman Prayer Scarf is a symbol of spirit, empowerment and beauty.

Each scarf comes with a sacred scarf ritual connecting women energetically and through our collective healing powers.

This year Nancy has chosen TreeSisters to be the beneficiary and has invited us all into the Sisterhood of the Sacred Scarves.

To date, there have been 12 scarves, each representing a different theme. Hundreds of women worldwide have purchased more than 1,400 scarves. The number thirteen scarf is entitled “Angel Wings.”


A portion of all scarf proceeds is donated to the Spirited Woman Foundation to help heal and support women through actions of empowerment. To date, seven non-profits have been supported – and we are beyond excited to announce that TreeSisters is number eight. By purchasing “Angel Wings,” sisters from around the world will come together to carry the “energetic of all women on our backs.”

For every scarf you buy, a portion of the proceeds will be donated back to TreeSisters.

Together, we are the healers, the Light, the goddess energy of the number 13 and the difference. And as we dance with our “Angel Wings” flowing around us, may we never forget that we have the power to fly.

Every woman that purchases her Angel Wings Scarf before June 12 (outside of US) and by June 18 (within the US), will be invited to join in our Sisterhood of the Sacred Scarves Solstice Ceremony ~ a sacred scarf ritual connecting women energetically and through our collective healing powers.

Please invite your sisters here!

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