The Divine Woman That Lies Within Us All

Flora Aube2 1000szWhat does it mean to be a woman?

This question has pestered my soul for so long... At a young age it became clear to me that the ideas I had impressed upon my subconscious were not my own. But I was filled with ideologies I absorbed from society, my family, and my everyday environment, and it took years for me to clean my eyes of the muck that blinded me. 

I struggled to discover who I am and why I matter. For years, I was convinced that my value lied in my sex appeal, desirability, and my "niceness." I desperately attempted to meet these ideals. But no matter what I did, I only ever found myself with a deeper and darker hole to fill.

As an adult, I found new life in becoming a mother and partner. My heart found new fulfillment and meaning in these roles. However, these new roles also came with a new sense of dissatisfaction. It infected my soul at its very core, and my heart was moretortured than ever.

And this was how I came to discover my true self. For it was because of these dark and heavy times of suffering that I finally began the search for true light.

Years later, I have blossomed into something I could have never expected. I have explored my meaning as a woman within my life and my culture, and analyzed the hell out of it. Slowly, I came to realize what I was not and what I didn't want to be. In the process, I discovered who I was and what I could be.

As my desire to understand myself and my purpose deepened, I came across incredible ideas and teachings that were unlike anything I had ever been exposed to. Emotions as the intelligence of the heart; the left brain and the right brain; the divine feminine and sacred masculine; shiva and shakti; the great and powerful goddess.

Now I see myself and women in a brilliant and undeniable light. I still have much to learn (as do we all), but the lessons I have learned leave me forever transformed.

So I share with you what I know to be true about about womanhood. The truth of the divine woman which lies within us all...

She Creates
The divine woman sees her womb as a stargate -- a gateway which joins a sacred spiritual soul with the physical world. She has the incredible power to grow life and bring spirit into this world, and so she is infused with the need to advocate for life of all kinds. But her creative powers aren't exclusive to the womb. She creates life by building relationships, and communities. She works devotedly and knows the effort and care required to create and sustain these life forces. Thus, she is beautifully and powerfully compelled to care for all life.

She Is Harmony In Actionflora aube new2
She is responsibility in action, and she always holds herself (and others) responsible for all thoughts, feelings, and actions, and how they contribute to a situation. She, too, is action. Because even though action is attributed to the sacred masculine, this woman knows that harmony requires balance. So, while she may face judgment of being abrasive or intense, she embraces the sacred masculine and she cherishes what it has to offer.

She Is Without Limits
When the divinity of womanhood is realized, life is no longer a matter of "can" or "can't"--it is "will" or "won't." Such self-realized sisters know the power of willand action make all things possible, and that any perceived limits are only ever self-imposed. They have a calling and this calling is expressed in everything they do. Even the simplest and most mundane of tasks offer her glory and magnificence.

She Is A Leader
These women have a calling, and they aspires to live up to their higher purpose no matter the challenges they face. This makes them leaders. But their positions of leadership are never acquired by force or self-advertising. They lead among the people and for the people, by the will of the people. And the people come to their sisters in flocks to glean from her wisdom, and to gain inspiration from her uplifting radiance.

Empowered by womanhood, this woman works for the greater good and does so naturally, effortlessly, and passionately. She shares intimacy with nature and everything around her as well as others. All people, places, and situations are relished as an opportunity for her to feel, experience, and to gain wisdom. She has a calling and she aspires to live up to this higher purpose no matter the challenge she faces. Her mission
is to serve and sustain life, and this is where she shines in authority and power.

She Is Bold And True And Authentic
This woman dares to say and do what others would ignore or criticize because she knows the value of her truth. She feels no fear in standing for it, for she knows the only thing worth fearing is the pain 
of ignoring her heart and doing what she knows to not be right. She stands fiercely for what she knows to be true, but yet while so doing, she never denies the truth of others.

flora aube newShe knows no one can only find their dharma by discovering their bliss, their contribution, and thereby realizing their true self and stepping onto the life path which leads them to their fulfillment and liberation. Thus, this woman encourages others to boldly embrace their authentic selves and to revel in their spirits'wild and beautiful nature. And she never fears being outshone by another, for she knows that her own light will only grow brighter by joining it with others.

She Nurtures & Supports
A woman burning with the fire of realized womanhood is an unyielding force of care. Whether she is a goddess, queen mother, priestess, warrioress, sensual lover, or wise woman --or all of them-- she stands for the well-being of others. All children are her children to care for. All people are her people to love and care for.

Females of the modern world often have a negative view on "stereotypical" female tasks like housekeeping, child-tending, and cooking -- but this is not why she does her work. Everything she does comes from the heart, and her actions are done to nourish the hearts of others. You see this heart in the individualized care and birth support of nurse midwives. You see it in how she feeds family and friends. You see it in how she gifts her full attention and genuine care into her interactions with others. Literally and figuratively, this woman feeds her relationships and the holy bonds that create community and harmony.

She Is Connected With All Things
Empowered by womanhood, the awakened woman works for the greater good and does so naturally, effortlessly, and passionately. She shares intimacy with nature and everything around her as well as others. All people, places, and situations are relished as an opportunity for her to feel, experience, and to gain wisdom. The focus is never on "accomplishing"end-results, adhering to ideologies, or basing her lifestyle on so-called "facts"(as facts are always changing). Instead, the wild woman is concerned with cycles,processes, and life. She sees the interconnection between all people, places, thoughts, and actions. Her mission is to serve and sustain life, and this is where she shines in authority and power.

She Is Rich With Complexity
A woman is like a jewel, rich with deep and dazzling facets. She has so many angles, and the light she reflects will change as these facets are touched by new lighting, and life experiences rotate her to showcase this complex jewel from changing perspectives and situations. As she experiences varying angles and light, unseen facets and complexities will reveal themselves. But as multitudinous as they may be, each and every facet and "flaw" gleams with vivid brilliance and stunning light. So she allows herself to blossom in the beauty of this complexity, and cherishes everything it offers.

Flora Aube - Primal Feminine 2Her complexity is also the source of her simplicity. She is constantly learning, growing, and expanding. She follows no norms or expectations. She is raw and she is sweet. She astonishes and then she terrifies. She is nothing, and she is everything. Her anger is born from love. Her destruction serves to rebuild and complete. Her greatest breakthroughs are born from her most intense breakdowns. Her soul is naked for all to see, and yet she is a boundless mystery. This divine woman is far too simple yet vast to put into words. She is not to be expressed, but to be experienced.

She Stands for Unity
A woman alive in her womanhood stands for unity through truth and understanding. She does not feel the need to compete with others or to gain status to "prove"herself, because she knows that joining forces with others will enable her to accomplish far greater things than she could ever manage on her own. She doesn't just see individuals -- she sees unique points in a larger pattern of an even larger and grander design. She encourages everyone to wake up so that they can recognize their contribution to this grand pattern -- deliberately, consistently, and wonderfully.

Her Greatest Intelligence Lies Within Her Heart
This woman is brimming with emotional intelligence. Feeling is both the reverent language of womanhood, and it's most sacred practice. This divine soul has powerful emotions which act as a compass for navigating through life. A woman's emotions fuel this by offering a strong intuitive and empathic sense. And while these feelings and senses make her sensitive and vulnerable, this is also her greatest strength. Her emotions serve as a compass which beautifully guides her soul. For her, knowing is not factual, but visceral. Her intuition is a commanding force of intelligence and she knows it's one of her most powerful tools.

She uses her feelings and intuition to explore situations, ponder solutions, and to determine action. The moment her thoughts align with her heart, she will take action without cause for regret. A woman listens to, speaks to, and speaks from one place; the heart. A woman listens to the ideas within the words people speak. She hears the message within the emotions they express. Even when people have been marked as"evil", she shows them a caring heart. She knows that they carry great pain because of a great lack of love, and fierce love is the only cure.


She Is Unconditional Love