The Moon in You

Following the Wisdom of La Luna

Women’s monthly menstrual cycle is a mirror twin of the lunar cycle. No matter our age, what developmental phase of life we are in, whether we bleed every month or not, whether we have had a hysterectomy or not, the Moon is embodied within the physical and energetic core of every woman. Together the Womb and the Moon create a woman’s natural rhythm of life.

In previous posts I have shared the monthly cyclical rhythm of La Luna and the wisdom embedded within it. Like a cosmic life-coach, each month the Moon invites us into a rhythm of visioning and dreaming, planning and gestating, emergence and growth, action and manifestation, reflection and rest. Each phase of the Moon coaches us in the art of living; inviting us to create a magnum opus from our lives.

Each phase of the Moon is also embedded within our wombs. Energetically speaking, the New Moon is the phase of menstruation, the Waxing Moon is the pre-ovulation phase, the Full Moon is the time of ovulation, and the Waning Moon is the pre-menstrual phase of the month. The Moon is - metaphorically, energetically, and cosmically - in you.

But why and what does this mean in practical and creative terms? How does following the Wisdom of La Luna shape the quality of our lives as women? The answer is what I call “a woman’s natural rhythm of life.” We all have one; as unique as our fingerprints.

Our natural rhythm of life is encoded within our wombs, experienced within our monthly cycles, and unique to our personalities and physiology. Like the Moon, as women we each have a phase of the month in which we tend to naturally drop into the visioning and dreaming realm; other times of the month we naturally move into action and manifestation; and yet other times we are reflective and discerning and in need of rest. This is the Moon phases embodied within our wombs.

If you are in the menopause or post-menopausal phase of life, you are fortunate because you are no longer governed by hormones and can adopt the actual lunar cycle as your monthly cycle as a woman. There are even some blessed women whose monthly cycles are in natural alignment with the lunar cycle (meaning they bleed at New Moon and ovulate at Full Moon).

However I believe most women in Western Civilization (and in developing and industrial countries) have two cycles they are simultaneously trying to respond to: the lunar cycle and their menstrual cycle. The actual cycles contain exactly the same phases, however most modern women’s womb cycles are on a different cycle than the Moon (meaning they may be bleeding at or near Full Moon when the lunar cycle is energetically embodying ovulation).

I believe this womb-centric disconnection is a direct reflection of our disconnection from Nature and our authentic selves (and a few other reasons which will be featured in future posts).

Whether or not your menstrual cycle is in alignment with the lunar cycle, there is a single resounding creative principle wanting to be practically embodied within your life. Each month – whether in sync with your menstrual cycle or the lunar cycle – there is an ideal week for visioning and dreaming; an ideal week for growth and action; an ideal week for manifestation and gratitude, and an ideal week for reflection and course correction.

This cycle of creativity is what I mean by a woman’s natural rhythm of life and when we become sensitive to it we begin to hear the voice of our own inner Wise Woman who longs for us to flow with and travel the “rio abajo rio” (the creative river beneath the river of our daily lives).

Like circles within circles or the ever deepening layers of a labyrinth, this rhythm is also reflected in the weekly seven day cycle. In the not too distant past, the weekend was truly a time of rest. Many people honored either Saturday or Sunday as the Sabbath or at least as a time of rest, reflection, and recreation. The work weeks began on Monday, an ideal time for visioning and planning the week ahead. Tuesdays through Thursdays were the heart of the workweek in which one manifested the fruit of one’s labor. Fridays were a time of culmination and Friday nights a time of celebration; leading naturally into a weekend of rest and reflection and course correction for the week to come.

While the days of the week may no longer directly correlate the same way, the four major Moon/Womb-centric life rhythms of the week remain. It is up to each of us as women to consciously sculpt and live our natural rhythm of life; knowing that we are sourcing the wisdom of La Luna and of the Womb, the creative matrix of life.

Whether you choose to follow the lunar cycle or flow with your womb-centric cycle, life will be consciously conceived, gestated and birthed through you in proportion to your ability to follow the beat of that rhythm. This is one of the reasons TreeSisters is offering the course Earthing the Moon. We want to encourage, inspire, and support women to find their natural rhythm of life as the foundation from which we live.

(If you would like to explore these topics more deeply in a circle of sisters there is still time to register.)


Edveeje is the Director of Operations for TreeSisters. She lives off-grid on ten acres of raw mountain land in the Mother Forest of Southern Appalachia where she is passionate about the power of place and how our relationship to Nature can infuse, inspire, and call forth, not only our souls, but our part in the Great Turning.


Artwork by: Ursula Dutkiewicz