The Saints of Tamil Nadu


You have a very unique opportunity this month to not only meet The Saints of Tamil Nadu but also be present with them in their first ever internet gathering! Tamil Nadu is the location of our very first planting project in India, where our planting partner is Project GreenHands. Whilst we’ve seen many photos of the tree planting that they’ve carried out, to date we haven’t had much opportunity to learn about Tamil Nadu culture and the indigenous people who reside there.

So when former TreeSisters team member and good friend, Danielle Swati, reached out to tell me about the situation that the Saints of Tamil Nadu are in, I was eager to know more and share their story on our Indigenous Wisdom series. Danielle was kind enough to sit down with Jyoti Ma of the Enlightened Life Festival and record for us a very fascinating conversation about who the Tamil Nadu Saints are, what their lives are like and the challenges they are currently facing as temples are closed during the pandemic. You will also be introduced to some of the Sadhus and Sadhvis (the male and female holy people) and discover the selfless efforts of Krishnaveni who cooks every day to feed as many of the saints as she possibly can.

It’s a rich journey into a world that many of us have not experienced. And I am excited to share that Jyoti and her team at Enlightened Life Festivals have managed to set up an internet connection with them so that the saints can come and share their wisdom and blessings over an Enlightened Life Festival this coming Sunday 13th September. The saints are inviting everyone to come and be a part of the sacredness and reverence of this special occasion.

To participate in their free live event on Sunday 13 September you will need to register with them at:

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