The Song of a Wild Soul Woman

“Women are rising.
Wild, windswept, born of ocean, aflame with light,
rooted as trees, we are rising.

We are re-wilding ourselves.

Emerging from Earth, clad in moss and bark. We are unrecognizable, except to each other. We move in the shadows of forests and the deep, cool undercurrents of streams. We reach out our arms to the mountains. Dare to stand, cracked and dry and dust-whorled like deserts. We green ourselves with grasses, root ourselves in moist soil.

We are wondrous. We are rising. We are wild.

We see each other, feel for each other, hold each other up. Like waves in an ocean we are a celebration of nature’s powers and impulses. We ebb and flow according to our own rhythm. We will not be dictated to.

A woman no longer separate from the flesh of Earth, becomes her, speaks for her, lifts her throat and sings of fire below and stars in her hair. We are granite and grandeur, full-fleshed and woven through with wildflowers. We bloom according to our own ways and whims and wants. False things fall down in our presence. We are pregnant with new birth.

A wild soul woman is a woman of belly and breath and boundlessness. She makes her own way through ancient lands. With soft footsteps, lays down fresh tracks. Barriers break apart before her. Instinctively she moves, on fin and wing and prayer. She listens to the wisdom of stone.

She is the echo of a deeper voice that speaks from the fiery cave. She is molten, flowing, shape-shifter.

She is living proof of a language that banishes all sense of loneliness. The Earth warms her, welcomes her, enfolds her. She grows tall amid the fields, greets the wind and the grasses, the soft grace of rainbows. She is fire woman and rain woman and earth and air, with plenty to spare.

We are wondrous. We are rising. We are wild.”

~Mary Reynolds Thompson

This is not just Mary’s song or my song.
This is the song of the Earth.
And the song of every Wild Soul Woman.

Earlier this month a circle of us already gathered for Mary’s free on-line event called A Wild Soul Woman. The event was recorded and can be listened to here. And what a call it was!

Mary had such an exquisite way of guiding us through the landscapes of our wild soul and summoning pure poetry out of the least poetic of us. In her sphere of influence women stepped forward in their gorgeous selkie skins and danced under moonlight. Here are just some of the comments:

An inspirational call!” ~Amanda, UK

Such a breath-taking session… I felt the powerful winds of the mountain in my hair…" ~Roma, London

This call sang to my soul and reminded me of a much deeper connection to Mother Earth.” ~Serena, UK

A terrific encounter!” ~Susan, US

The Desert in me knows that my soul is fire… waiting to ignite… I already feel it's going to be a deep creative journey…” ~Louise, UK

The ocean in me knows...the roar of what lies beneath my surface cannot be ignored. What surprised me was the fear beneath the surface, but the joy is there to discover the treasures of her churning shores. I merge myself into the drops of water in the sea to befriend her and swim in a new body of consciousness.” ~MysticTree, Hawaii

The rivers & oceans in me know I must be to express my soul in honesty and liberty, free from fear, stigma, opinions... Surprised to find I'm feeling trapped by dogma.” ~Sonia, UK

I too CRIED as I connected with the Desert...I too STRETCHED...and wanted to walk and walk and keep walking...IT was the wide open space, the lightness, the rocks... This call sang to my soul, reminded me of a much deeper connection and belonging to Mother Earth, and was rich in information so generously given. Can't wait for the course to begin, and connect with other Wild Women!” ~Sarena, UK

Let's dance the wildness of ourselves, meet mother earth in her dress of creation, hear her whispers in the wind, her heartbeat in the drum of our hearts, watch her colours in rainbows of wisdom. for our dance is hers, our hearts hers. her pain ours. lets dance the wildness of our being and know we live.” ~Eliza, Dublin

Just listening now. I am a sobbing mess. This touches my soul so deeply. I can breathe now. Thank you so much!” ~Melissa

Thank you both , you lovely, lovely, wildly, beautiful souls! I’m hoping to take the course and stay blissfully awakened as I am this very moment! Many blessings from the depths of my heart!” ~Victoria DeAngelis

A terrific encounter! I entered a deeply moving and palpable space during the call. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.” ~Susan

A Wild Soul Woman: A Journey into Your Untamed Self begins on July 7th and will run for six weeks every Tuesday at 11am PST / 2pm EST / 7pm UK. Every call will be recorded so if you can’t listen live, you can find the sacred space and time and journey with us when it fits into your schedule.

To learn more about this course, click here.

“Women are rising.
Wild, windswept, born of ocean,
aflame with light, rooted as trees, we are rising.”

We invite you to join a circle of wild soul sisters for the journey of a lifetime.

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