The TreeSisters Dream is Coming True

Earth is not silent. She speaks in every turning of her axis, every tilting of her hips, and in the secrets she shares with the seasons and in every tectonic shift.

Earth is not silent. She speaks through weather and breathes through forests and she loves through her trees. She dances in her the oceans and she rests in her deserts.

Why do humans think She is so silent when she has so much to say? If only we could learn to truly listen. ~Edveeje Fairchild

Things are changing. I can already feel the season turning and my system becoming more reflective. As the energy shifts, many things are cooking for a deeply creative and catalytic autumn phase at TreeSisters.

We're deep in preparation for our upcoming September crowd-funding campaign, we're partnering with WECAN (Women's Earth and Climate Action Network) for their climate day of action on the 29th of Sept (hence the groovy photos - see below), we're working on our upcoming workshop for the Bioneers conference, two big fundraisers, multiple potential courses and resources, our five year plan and also scoping our next reforestation partners. And we're doing all this whilst welcoming our new administrative goddess Kalyani into the TreeSisters team! The next six months are laid out in such a way that I can finally see the TreeSisters dream coming true. It made me reflect on the stepping stones in my life that were the sign posts to the destination that we're finally approaching. I've called that blog The Path to Project GreenHands: Please Life ~ What Am I For? Global Women's Climate Justice Day of Action On September 29th we're supporting WECAN with their political action as they gather the women to activate a radically more appropriate call to action in this next round of United Nations climate negotiations. Like us, they see women as central to climate solutions and they're giving us multiple avenues to show this as powerfully and colourfully as possible. We've put together a blog highlighting all the different ways that we can all get involved - ranging from holding up signs with messages to world leaders, to marches and demonstrations, protests at oil extraction sites, educational events, art projects, and other actions and statements to highlight local struggles and solutions being offered by communities. This is something for all of us, so please spread the blog and share it on Facebook as well, thank you! Full Moon Call ~ Nature Bliss This is a deep, body based drinking-in of the last month of summer (for us in the north) so that we can resource ourselves as fully as possible before the swing into Autumn and Winter. When: Friday the 28th August 11am PST, 1pm EST and 7pm UK Please click on the button below to register. You can also invite your sisters here. New Moon Call - The Roots of A Woman’s Soul This month's New Moon call is an exploration into how our souls as women correlate to the forest soil and how soul is the humus of our lives from which all else grows.  It is the first in a three part series entitled “The Wild Iris in the Dark Forest” which explores the passion and connection between women and trees. Read more about Edveeje's new series here. When: September 10th at 11am PST 2pm EST 7pm GMT

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A Wild Soul Success We've just journeyed through Mary's stunning free 2.5 hour workshop to complete the A Wild Soul Woman course that has rocked so many women's lives. We now have our wild soul names and agreements as to how we choose to bring our fuller, nature connected and re-wilded selves forward into our lives and communities. “Each Sacred Land experience truly touched my heart, opened my spirit and soul, and showed me more about myself as an emerging elder and about Mother Nature in Her amazing Ways… I'm so grateful!” “Thank you for offering this course. I hope it will be the seed of a new dimension in my life and that this seed will grow into a mighty tree!” “I have found courage and encouragement to bring my gifts more fully to the world. I want to thank you from the bottom of my wild soul woman heart.” I don't think that any of us (bar Mary!) had any idea that working with the landscapes as ancestors could be so powerfully catalytic, healing, emotional and inspirational. For me the healing has been soul deep. It exceeded any expectations that we might have had - and we are thrilled to announce that Mary has agreed to offer it again in the spring time next year. Thank you on so many levels Mary for an extraordinary journey of personal and collective transformation. And so, I go to weed the vegetable garden, prepare to film the video for our crowd-funding campaign and pack for the trip home to the UK. My best ever crop of tomatoes are ready just in time for me to leave! Typical. Sending you all love where ever you are.