Tree Pose


By Clare Waldron

I have always loved tree pose since teaching yoga in many schools in central London, it seemed to be the children’s favorite pose too. I can’t count how many times I have done it, probably thousands. I have always felt a connection with trees and take great inspiration from them with their many varieties. They show us how to stay rooted, strong and flexible, whilst reaching for the skies. Trees are so important as a habitat for all sorts of creatures, for peoples livelihoods, to help clean the air and preventing precious top soil being washed away.

I could go on and probably you can think of many reasons too why trees are so important to us, to our health and the health of our planet.

This is why I have recently launched a campaign called Tree Pose for Trees to raise money and awareness in a healthy fun way for two reforestation charities; Treesisters and Trees For Life.

Now is the time to find ways to re-balance our relationship with the Earth and what better way to do it then by supporting wonderful charities that have the infrastructure in place and are already making huge headway in their reforesting projects.

So let’s all get involved one way or another (a big thank you if you have already!)…by sharing and forwarding this post to friends, family and colleagues, donating on the virgin charity link TreePoseForTrees, or getting involved on social media by taking a picture of yourself or others in tree pose and posting with the following text: Here’s my Tree Pose for Trees in support of TreeSisters


It’s easy for you to get involved too:

  1. Kick off your shoes and take a picture of you in tree pose - the more creative the better! 2. Share your tree pose with the world on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram using the hashtag ‪#‎treeposefortrees 3. Donate £2-£10 to the charities via

  2. Nominate 5 friends. Your money will be split equally between both charities to help reforest the planet. Please copy and paste this text when you share your tree pose, have fun!

Download the TreePoseForTrees Release. Namaste Clare Waldron



picture Clare Waldron

Clare is a London based yoga teacher and ayurvedic massage therapist. She has been teaching yoga to adults and children for 6 years. She holds monthly women’s yoga workshops in Bermondsey and a yearly retreat to Turkey. She has trained with many wonderful yoga teachers, most recently she completed the women’s yoga therapy training with Uma-Dinsmore Tuli. Clare has a BSC in Environmental Science and likes to support earth-friendly projects. In her spare time she likes writing for her blog, walking her wolf-dog called Xochi and spending time in nature, cooking yummy vegan food, listening to music, dancing, reading and spending time with loved ones.



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