Turning Grief Into Action

Cushla Sheridan drum
"To be in love with something you must first spend time with it, come to know it, to be in relationship with it". ~ Clare Dubois

This was the basis for the type of fundraising events I am doing for Tree Sisters this year. That and a very deep grief.

The grief was unexpected. I usually feel anger, not grief, about things I perceive to be unjust or not ok.

Cushla SheridanWhen I truly feel this anger, it then transforms through my heart and compassion into some type of positive action or activism, some way of changing things for the better. My anger is usually a great resource and holds so much energy, it fuels my actions and eventually through some deep, inner, personal work transforms itself into a passion.

This time, as I mentioned, it was different for me, the grief about our earth and what we had collectively done to it was much more difficult to transform. After a few months of processing, crying and fully feeling into it, I began to have the urge to take action.

I collected all my individual resources and gifts and created a series of events which have transformed my grief into hope.

Hope that we can and will change our apathy.

Hope that we can and will change our sense of overwhelm into action and care for our earth.

Hope that we can come into relationship with the earth again, a relationship where we honour, respect and restore it to the best of our ability and resources.

I chose to use the drum for the events, as a way to journey inwards with the beat, with the heartbeat and rhythm of the earth, the pulse of life.

My hope increased, as I made the call for sisters in my community to join me, and they came!!

All ready to journey with the drum at different times around the wheel of the year in order to support the fundraising of Tree Sisters.

These seasonal times, like equinox and solsitice, have been celebrated for millennia in many cultures, and create a ritual which brings you into a state of alignment with the earth and her natural rhythms and cycles.

adam-nemeroff-304625-unsplashBy marking the changing seasons with others, it allows us to establish and maintain a connection to the earth, and so brings a sense of rhythm and belonging to something greater than us, into our life.

All these beautiful women felt called in some way, gathered in community and gave a donation to Tree Sisters in order to give something back to the Earth.

So far with 3 events we have planted approx 750 trees, and we have another 5 gatherings to complete the wheel of the year.

I encourage you to use your gifts to organize a fundraiser and see the circles of women gather around you, women answering the call of life force, the call of Mother Earth in need.

Written by Cushla Sheridan
Top photos by Cushla Sheridan
Bottom photo by Adam Meneroff