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"Stay in your heart, in these really challenging times, connect with your heart and connect with the heart of Earth Mother, and really stay connected there and feel her presence inside of you. It is in this way that we can walk in beauty." ~ Angelique Boas

Thank you so so much for joining us as we continue with our Indigenous Wisdom for the Earth series. It is an honour to bring you a very special guest: Angelique Boas. She is a circle keeper, ceremonial leader, grandmother, artist and shamanic practitioner with ancestral connections to Spain, Portugal, France and the Netherlands.

What does it it mean to come together in unity at this time on Earth? What it is like to live your life in a way that includes reverence every day? Please join us for a beautiful conversation about Unity and Prayer. 

Angelique shares:
~ The magic of working with the Clan Mothers and the Indigenous Grandmothers
~ The sacred gifts from the feathers given by the birds that hold spiritual meaning in the beautiful art and shields that she makes
~ Working with Light transmission and an upcoming new circle for girls, part of the gathering circles that she holds as a Circlekeeper
~ Living from the inside out, rather than the outside in

You can listen to the call here.

You can read the full transcript here.

Below is an excerpt from the call we hope will inspire you.

Wishing you much beauty and light!


Terra: I was wondering if you would speak to the importance you feel of prayers. It almost sounds like your way of life is living in a form of reverence and prayer. In every day and everywhere you go. Can you speak to that, to share that a little more with our audience?

Angelique: Yeah. Well, prayer to me is not specific something which you learn in a church. But prayer to me is giving thanks and being in connection with the Earth Mother all the time, and just being aware of her beauty and being thankful that you are living on her. And just, you know, for instance, I can give maybe an example like walking in beauty to me is walking bare feeted and just walking on her, not to hurt her just to feel every step you are doing that you're walking on Mother Earth, which was... which is a living being. And to be careful. And to just walk on her. And praying. Yeah, that can be so many things it can be so really so many things. But you don't pray for yourself. You pray for the whole, you pray for humanity, you pray for giving thanks, you pray for opening ceremony or closing ceremony... Yeah, that is part of my life, I guess. Is that what you're asking?

Terra: Yes, no, absolutely. I think that's so important. Because I know, so many of us get caught up in our daily life. If it's work or if we're mothers, you know, taking care of the kids or the house or, you know, the different things that... it's interesting life can be looked at from so many different perspectives. And taking time for being in presence with nature and holding reverence and appreciating and having gratitude for the gift of life itself is so important.

And I think bringing that into a daily practice in some way, helps to center and ground us and grow us and free us from a lot of the other things that are on our plates, are demanding our time and attention. I think it's so important that we all take time to...



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Angelique: It is yes, to me it is and it has become more and more important. And it has also really become part of my life. It's like brushing teeth and washing your hands. Prayer is just where I begin with every day. And when I open up my eyes, I see a new day and I give thanks and yeah, it's just exactly what's what I begin with. So always and it is not, you know, it's not that I have to do that. It's just that I love to do it. It's, it's beautiful.

Terra: I think it's beautiful. Because if you're starting your morning in that mindset, instead of like what I need to get done today? It just takes you to a different place and it's just so much more empowering.

Angelique: Yeah, you feel you, feel connected, really connected right away. And that, that's the path you walk. It's also the path of the sacred feminine. It's just a beautiful way to walk and to be connected with Mother Earth. And also to feel that we are human beings, we are women, and we really possess the power to change things and to walk with that. And not from the mind but from the heart.

Terra: Yes, yes, I think we have we're the ones who need to bring that change into being and make that commonplace, a normal thing for everyone to be in, in reverence and a place of prayer and that would certainly change a lot. I noticed that we're getting close to our end of the call here. And I wanted to ask you, is there any one thing that you would love to share with the audience, whether it's just a message of hope and inspiration, or if it's something about the planet or anything at all that you would personally like to share with everyone?

Angelique: Would I really love to share? Yeah, I would love to share really, with everyone to stay in your heart, in this really challenging times, to connect with your heart, to connect with the heart of our Earth Mother, and really stay connected there and feel her presence inside of you. Because this is the way that we can walk in beauty. And that's the way that we stay out of our heads and to be distracted. And in you know, in a way of living, which is not in from the inside out. But from the outside in. And that's a different way of living. When you live from the outside in, you feel maybe stressed or you feel you know, not happy or maybe sad or distracted. But when you live from the inside out, it's a totally different way to, to live, to walk. So maybe I can share that with everyone. And I'm praying that they will really, really feel this and be connected.

And to everyone, to every treesister also, I would love to say when you like to join my circles in spirit. Please join. Please be welcome. Send a PM and I really love to, to invite you into this sacred space. Yeah, that's it.

Terra: I love how you put living from the outside in and from the inside out. I think that's just the perfect way to sum it up.


For those of you who are interested in learning more about Angelique's circles, you can email her at angelique boas @online.com

For those of you interested in seeing her new website, it is now available for viewing at www.angeliqueboas.com. Please be sure to drop by and visit that website.

All art shown here by Angelique Boas