Voix Libres ~ Indigenous Wisdom for the Earth


The Voix Libres Association has worked in Bolivia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Congo-Brazzaville with suffering, destitute and mistreated women and children. Voix Libres was awarded the International Human Rights Prize in 2017. They have multiple programs that really bring about lasting change in the rights of women and children, providing them with hope and opportunities for better lives.

The extent of the programs they offer is amazing and the success of these programs over the last 30 years is a template that could work for many other communities that face similar situations worldwide. All of this was built from a place of love and the programs work from the community up. It’s not a structured plan that is brought in and implemented. Rather it is what is the needs of the community and the unique situation and what solutions can be brought forward to address them.

Please join myself and my colleague Suzi Martineau, as we sit down with Voix Libres Founder, Marianne Sébastien and Chief of Projects, Maevia Griffiths to talk about the very important work they are carrying out in this world.

Some highlights from the conversation:
~ the "Women of Fire" group who brought abuse to the forefront of attention
~ the legal aide and safehouse services Voix Libre offers
~ offering microcredits to start a new life
~ changing the men's behavior through awareness training
~ providing education and hope for children
~health care for women and children
~ planting trees in Bolivia and the Congo (DRC)
~ life in the mines and planting trees and vegetables in an "impossible" area
~ So much more!

*Warning: Domestic violence is discussed in this video. If this is a trigger for you, you may not wish to watch. However the work they are doing to change all that is amazing and this is a call that change IS possible.


To learn more about Voix Libres, please visit their website at https://www.voixlibres.org