A Wild Soul Woman ~ Free Online Event

A Wild Soul Woman is rooted, powerful, authentic, instinctual, and awake. She feels her oneness with the Earth, and the strength, sensuality, and creativity this kindles in her. ~ Mary Reynolds Thompson

  It is out of the wild and authentic soul of a woman that incredible things will come: outrageous things – fierce things – things that will surprise us with their rawness and their beauty.

Are you a Wild Soul Woman?

This month, on Tuesday 31st May, we invite you to join us for an initiatory journey into five archetypal landscapes of the feminine soul. It will be a journey of soul recovery that offers a dynamic pathway to reclaim our innate and instinctual wildness. In this free online event acclaimed author, Mary Reynolds Thompson will initiate us into the five landscape archetypes of deserts, forests, oceans and rivers, mountains and grasslands as aspects of our own psyche and soul.

A Wild Soul Woman ~ Free Online EventAn Initiation into the Untamed Landscapes of Your Wild Soul Tuesday 31st May 11am PST / 2pm EST / 7pm UK


This initiation will also serve as an introduction to our upcoming course: A Wild Soul Women - Journey to the Heart of Your Untamed Self which starts June 16th. If we are to claim our own beauty and power, it is vital that we understand the depth of connection that runs between women and the Earth. We hope each landscape will shed light on the magnificent geography of your being in all its fierce grace and bountiful wisdom. Register now to join us for this sacred initiation.   Photo: Janek Sedlar