Winter’s Boons & Blessing

Picture: Alison Mason

Welcome to the Spring Equinox overview of TreeSisters’ accomplishments spanning from the Winter Solstice to the Spring Equinox.

Visioning, Deepening & Imagining:

TreeSisters entered Winter with a deep intention to honor the wisdom inherent in the season. We did this by slowing down the organizational pace and taking time to reflect on the previous year as a way of seeding our vision for 2015.

Intentionally slowing down the organizational pace goes counter to our society’s modern business and nonprofit paradigms. Resting while the seeds of the future germinate quietly below ground appears to be a waste of precious time and resources.

Yet we believe in Winter’s wisdom and made conscious decisions to slow down, schedule core team time off, do deep visioning, and begin the process of shedding the patterns of urgency and chaos that drive the unconscious need to prove we do enough and are therefore worthy.

2015 Vision, Objectives and Outcomes:

During the Winter months we focused on the big picture by crafting our 2015 Vision, Objectives and Outcomes. At the core of the vision is our transition from being a non-profit that asks for donations to earning our income by offering educational courses that empower women to step forward in their nature-based feminine leadership.

The brilliance of this new business model is that we will actually earn income by delivering on a critical part of our mission.

It is one thing to have a vision of what is possible and another to create the strategy and structures that will ensure the vision is manifested. So we spent the Winter crafting a fundraising strategy that puts this new model at the core of our vision as well as creating a 2015-2016 budget that reflects it.

Taking the time to reflect and to evaluate where we are against where we’d like to be also showed us ways to improve our fiscal systems and our internal performance measurements. Sophie has created a magnificent monthly evaluation system that allows us to measure all the key areas of TreeSisters on a monthly basis. We have incorporated this into our monthly waning moon team call.

In January we brought Sophie on-board in a paid capacity (after two years of volunteering an average of 8 or more hours a week) and Gloria completed our new database. The TreeSisters’ Board of Trustees met in late January.

New Educational Business Model

In February we launched our first course entitled Earthing the Moon: Reclaiming the Inner Gateway of Feminine Potency, Creativity, Sexuality and Spirituality. These teachings are the birthright of every woman alive; teachings that can reveal us to ourselves – that can replace ignorance with reverence, shame with self-respect and pain with healing – teachings that can guide us into relationship with our bodies and wombs as the most profound spiritual teachers that we could ever know or need.

570 women from 15 countries registered for the free introductory call. 2,300 women have now listened to it and 180 women took the course. $20K/£13K was raised for TreeSisters (the instructor received 20% of this profit) and the response is such that we are creating a yearlong on-line Earthing the Moon course.

In March we created our 2015 Educational Course Calendar and formalized our relationship with several amazing instructors who will be facilitating three courses this year. We also piloted our twelve week TreeSisters’ course, The Deepening, in Australia and reworked several of the twelve sessions.

Starfish Series of Conversations:

Another core element of our vision for this year is to shift from being a hierarchal non-profit organization to a network led and driven living organism. We are finding ways of opening TreeSisters up to the network and consciously co-creating.

We call this our Starfish Series and it is an interactive dialogue that began in December through our monthly New Moon Calls. Together we have explored ways of bringing the Wise Woman archetypal wisdom into TreeSisters as well as how we can tap into the co-creative brilliance of a network filled with coaches, instructors and facilitators.

We created places within our Facebook community in which we can all share our gifts, websites, and passions as a way of beginning to make the network visible to itself. We also invited and posted guest blog posts around all of these topics.

Living Systems:

During the Winter we created a new planning and emergence tool we call The Lunar Planner which we use for our weekly team calls. Each week’s theme is directly aligned with the moon phase and taps into the energy inherent within it. This ensures that each month we take time to vision, plant seeds, germinate and grow, as well as celebrate and reflect on our organizational activities.

The Trees & Our Reforestation Strategy:

In February we hosted a three-part series of blog posts that focused on sharing our reforestation strategy with the entire network. The series explores why we have chosen the Tropics as our focus, how we intend to approach such an audacious goal, and our strategy.

We also just funded another 3,000 trees through Project Green Hands (18,000 now since last Feb) and celebrated the coming of the monsoons which created optimum conditions for planting.

First Seasonal Donor Call:

We hosted our first seasonal donor call on the Spring Equinox because we want our donors to know exactly what we’re doing and why. We will host one each season as a way for treesisters to gather and hear about our activities as well as to ask questions about any aspect of the organization.

There are over 200 of you who have been donating since the beginning, which is just over 3 years. You have been the real roots of this whole thing – you have made everything possible. Hundreds more of you have stepped in with one off donations that showed up when we needed you, and many more have donated for a period and then stepped away.

We want all of our treesisters to feel really good about supporting what we’re doing and being a part of it. These calls will be a great chance for you to be able to walk around inside of TreeSisters with us.

Slowing Down to Move Forward:

As you can see, taking time to slow down has moved us forward in powerful ways over the Winter season. We step into Spring with a well-rested core team, a profound and inspired vision of how to engage and achieve our mission, and a sense of possibility that will only flourish and grow throughout this next season.