Winter’s Cosmic Gifts


Yesterday was the Full Moon; a time to be fully present to what we are creating and manifesting in our lives as well as a time to celebrate all that has been and all that is to come. As I looked at the Full Moon cresting the mountain ridge through barren treetops, I thanked her for all the gifts given over her Winter waxing and waning.

For three months we have waxed and waned with the Winter Moon and opened ourselves to her cosmic gifts. Through the TreeSisters’ New Moon Calls and the Wisdom of La Luna blog posts we have grown still and quite as we listened around Her fiery hearth. We have danced to the truer rhythm of our soul’s drumming. We have looked deeply at what we long for and created a vision for the unfolding Year of the Soul. We have entrusted Earth with the seeds of our dreams germinating deep in the ground; trusting life to come forth when the time is ripe.

We have learned that rest is a sacred Sabbath always available to us if we can value the Feminine Principle of the life-death-life cycle that swims in our blood. We have honored our unique rhythm of life and sculpted our days and dreams from Winter’s clay. We have accessed an older and wiser self who has whispered the secrets our younger selves so long to hear. We have sipped from the Wise Woman archetypal chalice and our wombs have grown warm with its nourishing wisdom.

No matter the weather, Winter has been good to us. The Moon has taught us many things throughout all her cycles, but her most profound gift this Winter was the power of the New Moon and the need for us to rest and envision the life we long to embody and experience. The visioning of the New Moon and the beingness of Winter are twin flames that will light the fire throughout the unfolding year.

Knowing that a new season and a new lunar phrase knock at the cosmic door, this Full Moon I honored Winter and I celebrated the New Moon. The seasons and the phases of the Moon are embedded within every woman’s womb and they whisper to us in every stage of our lives. And though Winter’s vision and wisdom begin to pass into Spring’s germination and growth, we will carry the essence of her throughout the year’s unfolding every month when we look at a dark night sky and feel (rather than see) the presence of the New Moon beckoning to us to remember Winter’s wisdom.

As you bow to the wisdom of Winter and the archetypal presence of the Wise Woman & Crone, what are the gifts, insights, breakthroughs, visions, and dreams from this season that you want to honor and celebrate during this Full Moon?

Edveeje is the Director of Operations for TreeSisters. She lives off-grid on ten acres of raw mountain land in the Mother Forest of Southern Appalachia where she is passionate about the power of place and how our relationship to Nature can infuse, inspire, and call forth, not only our souls, but our part in the Great Turning.


Moon image by the lovely Ursula Dutkiewicz