Wisdom Circle: Feminine Nature Based Leadership Definitions ~ A Reflection

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'Feminine Nature Based Leadership' (FNBL) is a term created to describe the enhanced intelligence, intuition, wisdom, intentionality, courage, authority and creativity that arises through women when we are more consciously connected to nature as the root of our power and knowing (our own feminine nature)

Tamara Phillips ButterflyThe energy and intelligence of the cosmos has no known limit. The creative and evolutionary impulse that creates all life, created and arises through each of us as well in every single moment. Whilst nature exists in a state of interconnectedness and indivisibility, the human ego and cultural conditioning sees us largely in a severed state of disconnection that is not our natural state. Until we can come back into conscious relationship with nature, we will continue to destroy Her which is why finding ways of moving back into a state of connection and intimacy with life is fundamental to the teachings of TreeSisters and the root of Feminine Nature Based Leadership. A strong enough shift of perception and direct 'felt experience' will catalyze lasting behaviour change.

When we can open heart, mind and body to the majesty of nature as the root of our own nature, and bow to a completely different quality of connected, instinctual, intelligence when we do, that act of humility offers up an extraordinary amplification of our energies and a rebalancing of our own role in relationship with all other life as we finally feel the reality of our indivisibility. 

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It offers a rediscovery of who and what we really are as part of a living system that operates with awareness of all its component parts. We are 'part of' not 'superior to' anything else, and we are invited to slow down, listen, feel and follow a completely different pace, flow and logic that offers a profound nourishment and sense of belonging.

Your own Feminine Nature Based Leadership will be its own unique expression of your own soul opening through your ever increasing relationship with the natural world that is fully aware of who you really are.

Because our focus is on women, we're focusing specifically on how opening our feminine bodies and psyches manifests in this world and what becomes possible through us as a result, but the concept is as valid for men as it is for women. Opening ourselves to the mystery is the receptive feminine principle embodied and provides the gateway to deeper knowing and transformation regardless of what gender we are.


By Clare Dubois

All art by Tamara Phillips

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clare pic June 2017Clare is an Earth loving social entrepreneur and inspirational speaker who worked internationally for 18 years facilitating groups, coaching business leaders and creating behaviour change processes within the personal growth sector. Clare is leading the TreeSisters campaign; focusing on network development and the empowerment of women. She has been developing the ethos and principles, the team and organisational culture, the campaign strategy, the framework of the Maps and behaviour change materials. She is committed to the creation of an evolving system that learns as it goes and continually models itself upon the flows and forms of living systems.

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