Wisdom Circle: Feminine Nature Based Leadership Part Five



This series of Blogs has been cathartic for me to write. Finally I have wrapped words around so much that has been sitting inside me for so long. In this one, I want to share where all of this grew from so that you can walk around in that experience with me and understand how I came to hold my perceptions the way I do.

In Extracting Grace from the Grit (a previous blog from over a year ago) I shared how I spontaneously dropped into nature connection unexpectedly after a dreadful shock. US immigration literally marched me out of the US Embassy in London (men with guns - which Brits just aren't used to at all) after my visa had been refused I was told that potentially I would not be allowed back into the US for five years.

My body wisdom knew without a shred of doubt that my life path at that point was in America, but suddenly the patriarchal spectre embodied within the Immigration system seemed to dominate me completely. I was triggered into a state of radical subjugation and helplessness, couldn't get out of bed for two days and watched as wild fits of sobbing switched to the thrashing of my mind as I tried to 'think' my way out of the situation.

The patriarchal trigger of 'power over' was so complete for me that something astonishing happened. Everything that was in separation and fear within me became utterly clear. In contrast then, everything that wasn't in separation also became clear, and somehow that created a bridge between states and I transitioned from agonized separation into complete connection. Interconnectedness went from theoretical to literal in a moment, and life changed forever

Tamara Phillips Barn OwlFeeling the sky as myself, the trees as myself, the grass as myself, everything and everyone as myself, I felt like I belonged to this planet and this species for the first time in my life. I couldn't even access my old insecurity, it wasn't even available to me. Instead, I felt powerful. Reeeaaally powerful, and for the first time in my life, I wasn't afraid.

This was huge for me, having feared my power all my adult life, I now found myself feeling as if I'd just been plugged into the mains and that the whole cosmos of limitless intelligence and power was available to me in any instant if I turned my attention and bowed to the more that I/we actually all are. I realized that one reason why my fear was diminished, was because in that state I could not operate from 'power over', only 'power with' or 'power through' because in a state of indivisibility where you are conscious that you are literally connected to every single other thing, then you struggle to do harm because that tree IS you, and that land, that river, that person IS you.

I realized that a completely different quality of leadership was arising within me, along with a completely different experience of myself, my creativity, my courage (which no longer even felt like courage because there was nothing to assert against) and my innate experience of authority and clear knowing because it wasn't just me anymore. It was the fabric of life expressing through this miniscule aspect of itself, and I was learning to get my ego out of the way.

This was when flesh started wrapping itself around the bones of what I was already calling Feminine Nature Based Leadership, because I felt like I was being introduced to it in every waking moment for that continuous nine days until work stress bounced me back out into separation, leaving a taste that I would never forget and now work towards consciously.

If you consciously opened to allow Nature be a larger part of your life's support and navigation system, do you think She would guide you towards circumstances and situations that might help you blossom more, share more or shine more? If you think of the radical generosity of the forest floor, the infinite beauty of a tree in full flower, the degree to which the plants of this world strive towards the sun, show their faces and share their fragrances, do you think She would have you hold yourself back?

Tamara Phillips MyceliumDo you think your own Feminine Nature Based Leadership would take lessons from the oceans or the rivers, the trees or the sky, because I believe that we can choose and I guide people into direct experiences of that. Wherever there are walls and dam(n)s within us that hold back the river of our own souls, Nature has a way of dismantling them if we open to allow Her to guide that process and surrender to not having to understand or control it at all.

During those nine days, I knew that it would end. I knew that I was in a state of Grace, that I was being given a glimpse of who we really are and that my inner compass was being moved to point towards a collective possibility that could hold a healthy, conscious, sustainable world in its heart.

It was a long enough time for me to really walk around inside the gift of it, to imagine humanity opening to evolve into a connected, reverent and responsible species acting out of a felt experience of our indivisibility. (Bully behaviour simply dissolves when held in the embrace of true belonging, and we all belong to Gaia) Yes - truly a gargantuan leap in consciousness, awareness and human identity and one that leaves me with my mouth hanging open, but also one that my life is given to fully.

So. Feminine Nature Based Leadership is a form of leadership whose time has come. We are the women to rebirth it into this culture. We are the invitation and the tuning forks of a different transmission and possibility. We are it, it's in us, we're of it, its rising through us. As we encounter the old neurotic patterns of our pasts surfacing again and again, we're facing the clearing of what is holding us back, as the deeper ocean of Feminine consciousness rises unchecked and lifts us into new unchartered territories of perception and possibility.

It's time to stand together, to hold hands, to recognize that Feminine Nature Based Leadership is a powerful and liberating invitation, alchemical path and privilege that exists right here and right now within each of us. It's time to operate with the generosity of the forest floor, the perspective of the sky and the intelligence of the rivers that surrender, flow and nourish us all.

It's time to restore the natural world, and to do that we must first restore our own intrinsic connection to nature as the ground of our own feminine nature. That is what TreeSisters is for, and you can find a wealth of gateways into this very real exploration on the Grow Page of our web site. Thank you for reading these words and welcome to TreeSisters.

By Clare Dubois

Art by Tamara Phillips

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clare pic June 2017Clare is an Earth loving social entrepreneur and inspirational speaker who worked internationally for 18 years facilitating groups, coaching business leaders and creating behaviour change processes within the personal growth sector. Clare is leading the TreeSisters campaign; focusing on network development and the empowerment of women. She has been developing the ethos and principles, the team and organisational culture, the campaign strategy, the framework of the Maps and behaviour change materials. She is committed to the creation of an evolving system that learns as it goes and continually models itself upon the flows and forms of living systems.

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