Women and Trees = Top Ten Solutions to Climate Change

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Did you know that women's empowerment and tropical reforestation both sit within the top ten solutions to climate change?

I was led to TreeSisters through my instinct and intuition. Perhaps it was the same for you? I've always loved trees, I knew the power of reforestation, and it simply made sense that putting the feminine back at the heart of Life could only support the health of our planet.

So, like me, I imagine you'll find it deeply affirming that a brand new research project is backing up our intuitive knowing.

'Project Drawdown' is an international research project which lays out the top 100 solutions to climate change. Empowering women and tropical reforestation both feature in the top ten, highlighting that women and forests could be the turning point for humanity and our planet.

We are thrilled to share what Project Drawdown says about the work of TreeSisters:

Paul Hawken"Scientifically, practically, and emotionally, the work and purpose of TreeSisters is one of, if not the most, significant initiatives that can be undertaken by humankind to address the future of civilization.

The world's greatest land-based stores of carbon reside between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn in the form of forests. Their restoration is critical to reverse climate change and create a humane and liveable future.

Can women accomplish something that has failed governments and agencies for decades? I not only think so—I believe it may be the only way it can be accomplished."

~ Paul Hawken, author of Project DrawDown

To learn more please visit: www.drawdown.org