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Total Trees Funded To Date: 19,015,625

There is so much glorious goodness in this newsletter that we want you to be able to jump straight in! So without delay, we invite you to…

  • Celebrate the launch of our brand new reforestation project in the Cauvery River Basin in India. Read more about the project here
  • Listen to a conversation with Anand Ethirajulu: From Project GreenHands to Cauvery Calling
  • Find out about the impact your donation is having in our Seasonal Impact Report
  • Hear from Nic Salazar, the founder of Guardians Worldwide on the 6th of August for this month’s Indigenous Wisdom for the Earth series
  • Join us for the next in the series for our brand new Full Moon calls, it’s not to be missed! Led by Abi Denyer-Bewick, the next gathering is happening on the 23rd of August. Sign up to join!
  • Find out more about our new TreeSisters CEO, Wendy Stephenson
Rebecca Lefton, Partnerships and Alliances for TreeSisters, introduces her role to you and talks us through what is coming up for TreeSisters this month!

We are honoured to announce the launch of a brand new, inspirational Cauvery Calling reforestation project in partnership with Isha Outreach. This new planting project is located in South India across 28 Cauvery River Basin districts and aims to work collaboratively with local farmers to combine the economic needs of the local community and the ecological benefits of tree planting! Dive into the new project on our website here.

If you are interested to know more, Terra Canova - TreeSisters Network Relations Manager - sat down with Anand Ethirajulu from Cauvery Calling to talk through the creation of this inspiration reforestation project. Click here to listen to this fascinating conversation.

Your donations, support, fundraising and awareness-raising for TreeSisters is phenomenal. We are so gloriously grateful to have such a committed community of people around the world celebrating and supporting our mission. If you are interested to know more about the impact that you are having through the work of TreeSisters, take a look at our latest Seasonal Impact Report.

This month, in the Indigenous Wisdom for the Earth series, hear from Nic Salazar the founder of Guardians Worldwide. Find out about their mission to stop the destruction of forests and rivers in some of the most vulnerable tropical and temperate biomes in the world. They do this by facilitating Indigenous-led education, training and coaching ​online which in turn provides an income for the indigenous communities to carry out their work to protect these environments worldwide. Their method is rooted in learning from indigenous culture and land awareness. It’s an immersive experience that truly helps people see the world through the eyes of indigenous people. Join us for this fascinating conversation.

Finally, if you missed the start of the brand new full moon series ~ Return to Wholeness, you can catch up on the replay here. The next Full Moon Gathering is happening on the 23rd of August and promises to be a nourishing, loving and beautiful event. Will you gather with us?

TreeSister Events

Partner Events featuring the TreeSister Team

  • 17th to the 19th of September, Join Clare Dubois at the Shift Music Festival & Visionaries Summit. This is a free, online conference & music festival with 100+ speakers and music artists coming together to offer inspiration, deep transformative practices, powerful healing work, ecstatic music and real gameplans for change. Reserve your ticket today.

Our brand new reforestation project is located in the Cauvery River Basin, in India. Take a look at the beautiful landscapes that you will be restoring here.

Image credit to Isha Outreach and Cauvery Calling

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In sisterhood and for the trees,
Clare and the TreeSisters team