Your December Newsletter

Total Trees Funded To Date: 22,850,619

Yesterday we laid down the challenge to raise enough to fund 112,500 trees in just one week. With all donations through the Big Give website being matched, we knew it would be a tough ask, but WE ARE NEARLY THERE!!

Over the next six days the Big Give will match all donations up to £45,000 donated to TreeSisters through this link. We’re close to our target. Will you help us reach our goal and help show that collective grassroots action is still the solution the world needs in 2021?

In this video, you can hear even more about the impact you can have through the Big Give.

Right now, until the 7th of December, you can double your trees by making a donation through the Big Give website to TreeSisters! Each donation made through this website will be matched up to our target of £45,000 raised, giving you double the impact. We’re aiming to raise enough to fund 112,500 trees. Will you help us reach our goal? Make your donation have double the impact, and let's accelerate tropical reforestation together!

Traditional holiday seasons are often defined by overconsumption and indulgence. This year, we’re challenging everyone to move to a restorer species mindset and give the gift of trees to their friends, family and loved ones. We have holiday themes and beautiful designs for our eTree Cards that you can send and dedicate to anyone in the world. Check out our holiday eTree Cards here.

You can also give the gift of a Tree Certificate. We will customize each with a name and the amount of trees on your certificate. Please place an order by 17th December in time for holiday giving. And don't forget the range of fair trade organic cotton t-shirts and tote bags here. Thank you for supporting our mission this holiday season!

On the 20th of December, join us for the last Full Moon Gathering in the Return to Wholeness series. Whether life presents ease or challenge, we can have an embodied sense of balance in our own resourcefulness. The final part of the journey will bring all we have explored along the way, returning us to wholeness within ourselves and with all of life around us. Sign up to receive invites directly to your email inbox here. Next year join Abi as we explore the abundant life forms of the forest floor for the first three months of 2022. We hope you will join us in becoming intimately acquainted with mushrooms, moss and more.

On the 17th of December, we’re calling all creatives, from artists to poets to sculptures, to join us for a three-month journey titled 'Liberating Our Creative Voice for Earth', This course is hosted over Zoom and includes an exclusive community to connect with within the TreeSisters Nest. Find out more and sign up here.

Join us for a conversation with Michael “Pom” Preston from the Winnemem Wintu tribe of North America as he introduces us to his film “One Word Sawalmem”. We are also joined by our special co-host Mark Dubois along with the film’s co-director Natasha Guayaba. This is an invitation to remember our connection to the land and grow our awareness of how we live. To receive this conversation on the 7th of December please sign up on our website.

TreeSister Events

  • 7th of December, join us for Indigenous Wisdom for the Earth with Michael “Pom” Preston from the Winnemem Wintu tribe of North America as he introduces us to his film “One Word Sawalmem”. We are joined by our special co-host Mark Dubois along with the film’s co-director Natasha Guayaba.
  • 14th of December, 8am PT and again at 4pm PT, join us for our Interactive Forest Floor Sistering Call, hosted twice to suit multiple time zones. Full details can be found within our community, The Nest.
  • 17th of December, Liberating Our Creative Voice for Earth begins, you can sign up to secure your spot on this course.
  • 20th of December, join us for our final Full Moon call of 2021, drop into nourishment before being swept up into solstice and holiday season. Sign up to receive email notifications.
  • From the 25th of December to the 3rd of January (inclusive), TreeSisters will be closed for deep rest and reflection. During this time, there will be a delay in our responses. Thank you so much for your patience during this time!

Partner Events featuring the TreeSister Team


Did you know, your donations to TreeSisters are helping to increase water retention in the Cauvery River Basin by an estimated 40%? Find out more about our planting project in the Cauvery River Basin, India, on our website!

Image credit to Cauvery Calling.

Thank you for being part of our community!

In sisterhood and for the trees,
The TreeSisters team