You're invited to our Million Trees Sisterhood Gathering


I am a TreeSister because I understand that if the forests of the world are to survive, then I need to learn how to live fully as a woman. With TreeSisters, we are relearning the language of leaf and bark. We are seeing what it is to stand strong, roots entwined, in the way of the ancient ones. We are not just planting forests; we are rising as forests. ~ Mary Reynolds Thompson

We are thrilled to invite you to join us for a very special gathering tomorrow, Tuesday 13th September.

The Million Trees Sisterhood Gathering is our gift to you - the women who have seeded, tended and nurtured TreeSisters into the sapling she is today. We want to tell you we love you, to thank you and to celebrate you. What becomes possible when nature’s wisdom is channelled through the love and intelligence of the feminine? You have shown us the answer to this; a global movement to re-robe our planet in green.

On Tuesday we invite you to gather with the whole TreeSisters Team, to celebrate what we've co-created, to raise a toast for the 140,460 trees we've planted together so far and to envision the abundance to come. You can take your seat for this special pre-launch event here (you'll also receive details about our upcoming Equinox ceremony and Feminine Awakening Series - more about them below...).
~ The Million Trees Sisterhood Gathering ~ A special pre-launch event for the women who have seeded TreeSisters When: Tuesday 13th September 11am PST / 2pm EST / 7pm UK You can find out more and invite your sisters here
The Million Trees Campaign This event is a warm-up for our five week long Million Trees campaign. The campaign will officially begin on Sept 22th with our Million Trees Equinox Ceremony. It will continue with our The Feminine Awakening Series; an interview series with a group of brilliant, visionary female leaders who have devoted their lives to the healing of our planet, including; Eve Ensler, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Chameli Ardagh, Rachel Bagby, Patricia Ellsberg and Nina Simons. With these events, our longing is to unlock the floodgates of feminine consciousness and nature-based leadership. We'd love to have you with us.