July 2021

WomanFest 2021

22nd ~ 25th July, join us in the TreeSisters space at WomanFest!
July 2021

July Full Moon Gathering

22nd of July , join Abi Denyer-Bewick for our new Full Moon series ~ Return to Wholeness
July 2021

Indigenous Wisdom for the Earth Series

On July the 15th, you are invited to join us for the Indigenous Wisdom for the Earth series to listen as the leaders Haru and Hayra Kuntantawa of the Kuntanawa Nation in the State of Acre, Brazil speak to us from the rainforest to talk about the importance of preserving the intact areas of the Amazon. The biodiversity, the medicinal plants, and the composition of the soil are all unique to these older trees, which have developed a complex and rich understory over the decades. Kuntanawa Nation is seeking like-minded groups and individuals who see the value in guarding these last stands and who want to come forward to step up to support their protection. To listen please join our mailing list here: https://treesisters.org/.../indigenous-wisdom-for-the-earth
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The Guardians of the Forest Course

3rd May to the 11th August ~ the Guardians of the Forest Course.