Courage To Shine Introductory Call

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Courage To Shine Introductory Call

28th April 2020 Save the date for the Courage To Shine introductory call.

***Save The Date!***

28th April 2020 ~ The introductory call for The Courage to Shine: 21 days of Inner Alchemy.

There is even more information to follow, for now we invite you to save the date!

28th April, 11am PT / 2pm ET / 7pm UK

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In our world gone crazy, it’s time for woman and feminine leadership to be let loose.

We’re needed. The Feminine is wildly powerful and the time of Her being held back can be over if we choose it to be. We need to make friends with our power and we can do that together.

The Courage to Shine is a first of its kind, virtual, 21 day process that offers perspectives, tools, experiences and personal processes designed to accelerate your path ’home’ to your power.

This course is for you if:

~ You are ready to move from resistance to action, from fear to love, from quiet to roaring, or from overwhelmed complacency into radical activism and creativity;
~ You are looking at the state of the world and desperately want to do something but feel held back or have no idea what to do; or
~ You’re exhausted and need to find a different source of energy and hope.

The Courage to Shine is created and framed for women, but the tools are relevant for all. The course is open to all genders.


To find out more about the course content, visit this page and scroll down to 'Your Online Course Details' ~